ImmediateCrypt: Cross Platform Portable Software to Encrypt and Decrypt Text

Often you might like to send a secure message to your partner. You must have liked to encrypt the message so that only your partner is able to open it. Encrypting text is a good thing to do in such scenario. ImmediateCrypt is a Cross Platform Portable Software to Encrypt and Decrypt Text Messages. It runs on Java and is pretty easy to use. ImmediateCrypt employs the following cryptographic standards and techniques:
  1. AES-256 cipher
  2. CBC block chaining
  3. PKCS#5 PBE
It is released under the GPLv3 license and works under any Java-enabled environment (Windows, Linux and Mac OS X).

To use the software, first download it from the following link [2.31 Mb].

SHA256: f4c3acded4c93c151b31bc879d681f7cb7c71ea201d5cd20639a1d305e25987c

SHA1: 3cbfd968013d04009f2545664b7306e9c0615f2c

MD5: 755de7208307196164bf12050e749ae3

Extract the archive in a new folder and execute ImmediateCrypt.jar for launching the application. If you see an error message either Java Runtime is not installed or corrupted. If its is installed, uninstall it, download a fresh copy and install.
The software GUI is very primitive. Usage is too simple.
  1. Copy the normal or encrypted text to clipboard.
  2. Click on Paste here for pasting the content to the software. It does not support ‘right click and paste’ feature.
  3. Enter a password. It allows all kind of passwords, even a single character password. If you are decrypting a message, use the same password used to encrypt it.
  4. Click on Crypt to encrypt simple text or Decrypt to decrypt encrypted text.
  5. To copy the output text, click on Copy contents to clipboard.
Encrypt Normal Text
Decrypt Encrypted Text
No help documentation is available online or offline. In fact it is unnecessary for such a simple software.
The software consumes little system resources.
The software can also be run with Java Web Start.
or, with a Demo Web Application
I liked this tiny portable freeware and will recommend it.

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