Acronym Database: A Portable Free Software to find Full Form of an Abbreviation

I wrote a post months back about online services to find about common abbreviations. Software that can help in such cases are very rare and today I will write about an Indonesian software Acronym Database that will help you to search for acronyms and full form of abbreviations. The software is has a huge database and it will also allow you to search in online services, many of which were unknown to me. It has additional features like information of Facebook Emotions, Country Codes and Currency Codes. The software is freeware and is portable. Product Homepage is not available. You can get details of the software on Softpedia.

Features and Specifications

  • The software can be downloaded as a Zip archive [ ; 891 Kb] containing the unsigned standalone executable [AcroBase.exe ; 865 Kb] and additional files.
  • The software can run on all Windows version both 32 and 64 bit.
  • Upon executing the executable, you will get to see the freeware information dialogue. Close it and you will see the main GUI of the software. The GUI is not resizable.
  • The software has 5 sections as described in the introduction. The heart of the software is in Acronym Database section. Here you can set the way to search and display found acronyms or full forms.

  • In the next section, you can search for an acronym in online services. It lists 8 such services.


You can set your preferred browser or the default browser to open the search.

  • In the third section, it lists common keyboard shortcuts to draw emotions or smileys in Facebook.

  • In fourth section, you can find Alpha-2 Code, Alpha-3 Code and ccTLD of each countries.

  • Fifth section give the currency name of all the countries.

  • The entries in fourth and fifth section are in alphabetical order for the ease of searching.
  • The software do not have any offline or online documentation.
  • The software is very light on system resource usage.

My Verdict
This software is very useful considering the lack of this kind of software. It has almost all the features. I will need a search option for Country Code and Currency Code section. An online or offline documentation would be handy to learn some portions of the software, mainly in the Acronym Database section. I would recommend the software anyway.
The software can be downloaded from Softpedia.
Official Download is from Fileden

SHA256: 9440d483bdb134f486d12337542e3f5383f4ab2ba94bd1d376572b5403121c88
SHA1: a10bd401b77630bee431410488c4e413294e138e
MD5: d9bdf87d087941570cc1a55ff0a4ec54

Cheers !!

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