PhotoPad Photo Editor has Advanced Features with Basic Options: A Review

I have always liked to test Photo Editors and this time I will be writing about PhotoPad Photo Editor a software from NCH Software. Like other NCH Software I tested, this one is also well written and has advanced features. But don’t expect too much from it. The advanced features are not that much versatile to make it an ideal photo editor; still it is pretty useful as an instant solution.
Features & Specifications
  • The software can be downloaded from the following link [497 Kb].

  • The installer is digitally signed by NCH Software and has the following file hash.
SHA256: fd35e60f8a22dcc73ba51a5e03bdfeac3f686258995e9d8c72af2bb75d358417
SHA1: f40a85d4e4ce3652abff698866bfabc775e68aa2
MD5: c1ec8953bb5193e75b5f1b60a47343f6
  • The software installation is fast with the automatic creation of a  desktop icon. But you need to be careful about something.
  • Caution:
  1. Like other NCH Software, This software too will give you option to install a number of unneeded software. So, be careful to keep an eye during installation. Make sure to have every option unchecked.
  2. The Start Menu will also have a folder named NCH Software Suite in it with lots of shortcuts in it. Never clicked on those since that will initiate the download and installation of those software. Better delete that folder.
  3. You may also get the same request to install unneeded software after closing the GUI. Make sure that you are cautious enough.
  • The software can run on both 32 and 64 bit Windows XP, Vista and 7.
  • After launching the software, you will be presented with the screen asking for tasks to be performed.
  • A new image can be created desired size and orientation.
  • After loading an existing image, one can use basic editing like cropping, resizing etc.
  • You will be able to adjust Brightness, Contrast, Exposure, Auto Levels, Saturation, Hue, Tint and Temperature.
  • It can apply effects: Blur, Sharpen, Local Focus, Red-Eye, Blemish, Border, Vignette.
  • With this software , you will be able to create collage.
  • Panorama Stitches can also be made with this software.
  • The software supports a range of input image format.
  • The edited or created image can be saved in JPG, JPEG, PNG and BMP format. With JPG and JPEG, you will get an option to adjust the quality and size of the output image.
  • Output images can be directly uploaded to Flickr or Facebook after authorization.
  • There is an well documented offline html help file.
  • The system resource usage is minimal at idle time but during importing or processing image it consumes moderately high system resources.
System Resource Usage at Idle Time
System Resource Usage during Importing or Processing Image
  • The software has an in-built bug tracker, which will launch when the software crashes and will open an webpage after the user agrees to submit bug report.

My Verdict

  • The main feedback about the software is embedded in the title of this post. It has lots of useful features but the options provided to control those are minimum. So, this is an area where this program can improve and become more powerful.
  • The number of output image formats should be increased.
  • Allow Batch Processing.
  • A portable version would be Great.
  • Manual Instructions to Create a Portable Version
  1. Go to the installation Directory [e.g. C:Program Files (x86)NCH SoftwarePhotoPad].
  2. Copy photopad.exe and the folder Help. to another directory where you would like to keep the portable version. Execute photopad.exe for launching the software.
An Appeal to the Developer: Please reduce the intensity of unneeded software installation. This will only devoid a good fraction of use from using the software.
Good Night !!

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