uRex Free Video Converter is an Essential Media Converter: A Review

Video conversion is a daily routine to most computer users in recent times since for using a video in different media, it needs to be of different formats.Few days back I wrote about Convertilla, that could fulfill the same purpose. Today I will be writing about an alternative, uRexsoft Free Video Converter. This was developed by the same developer uRexsoft, whose software uRexsoft Free DVD Ripper has already been featured in this blog. uRexsoft Free Video Converter supports a number of input and output formats and give liberty in the video conversion process that suits user needs. It is easy to use and customize and provides reliable outputs in a good time. And finally don’t get by its name, it is actually a media converter since you can also use it to convert audio to audio.
Features & Specifications
  • The software can be downloaded from the following link [8.72 Mb]
  • The installer has no digital signature and has the following file hash:
SHA256: 1f47d423a56481dc99228ef6cb2d6257fdf19b6c1258c2e8f91c98a885022854
SHA1: acbbf9e14c99a1e2e8562d960a53e2dc63a4f3af
MD5: f495fa2931773aad1a09be925e1c3dc5
  • The software installation is fast and clean. Desktop icon will be created automatically. After installation end, product homepage will be opened.
  • The software can run even on Windows 8, both 32 and 64 bit. Detailed system requirements are the following.
  • The software supports the following input formats
Supported Input Audio & Video Formats
  • Supported output formats are the following.
Supported Output Audio Formats
Supported Output Video Formats

Other than these presets, the user can also adjust the settings. The software supports batch processing.

It shows preview during conversion.
  • In the Preference Window the user can set a number of things
  1. Set the After Processing Actions: None, Exit Software, Open Destination Folder, Reboot or Shutdown PC.
  2. Manage the System Resource Usage during video conversion by setting Thread Priority.
  3. Set the folder where to save snapshots.
  4. Set the alert sound that will be played once the conversion will finish.
  5. Optimize the software for Accuracy or Speed.
  6. Set Auto-Update check schedule.
  • The software can show properties of the selected video.
  • There is a offline help documentation that describes the software usage properly.
  • The System Resource usage at default settings is moderate when Video Conversion is being done.
System resource Usage at Idle Time
System resource Usage during Conversion
My Verdict
I would recommend the software doe the reasons already mentioned. A portable version of the software will make it even more appealing.
there is also a Platinum Version of the software that comes with additional features.
A lifetime license of uRexsoft Video Converter Platinum costs $34.95. uRexsoft runs software promotions throughout the year. So, keep an eye on their webpage for exciting offers. Currently they are running a special promotion on the occasion of London Olympic. You can get a special version of the software without upgrades free for a limited time. Go to the giveaway page and click on the following button to start downloading the installer and license code in the zip file. This offer will last until 13th August.
Cheers !!

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