Haihaisoft PDF Reader: A Basic, Multilingual PDF Reader

PDF files are being used extensively for its ease of use and versatility. Most PDF readers are packed with features. But all features may not be useful to all. I have seen many techie friends who dislike any feature rich applications as they find those as clutters. So, for them today I will introduce Haihaisoft PDF Reader which is a basic PDF readers with only must needed options. According to the developer,

Haihaisoft Reader is a free PDF document Reader and Printer, extremely fast launch speed and rich feature set. It is also for reading PDF document protected by DRM-X platform. It is now available for Windows, Mac, Android, and iPhone/iPad.

Features & Specifications
  • The software version for Windows can be downloaded from the following link [3.34 Mb]. Other versions can be downloaded from their homepage.
  • It is digitally signedby Haihaisoft Limited and has following file hashes.
SHA256: 721df02632b9fb8720cd6fa9160ce5c41f3afc45d7a80b65eab9e74e5a1fb83f
SHA1: 620a5796dec01cf8f3aa7c62ed9f02432bbf659c
MD5: ef223a5e71204f43f41c9aec2fa7fec6
  • The software installation is fast and clean by taking up 6.4 Mb of disk space. Desktop icon is created by default.
  • It asks after installation to make the software the default PDF reader. PDF files will get icons of this PDF reader.
  • The software is multilingual; it supports 34 languages.
  • The software can keep a history of recently opened files. You can access those list from File Menu or after opening the PDF Reader you will find those as pinned.
  • PDF files will be opened along with its bookmarks and favorites (if available). You will be able to add and edit favorites.
  • There are basic features like Zooming, Managing View Types, Selecting text etc.
  • Settings can be changed via Settings>Options menu.
  • PDF properties can be viewed.

  • You can check manually for updates to the software. It is set to check automatically for updates.
  • The launching time of the software is fast. It consumes minimal system resources.

My Verdict

I liked this software because of its less number of features.I think I will keep it for my reading needs for more sophisticated job I can always use portable versions of other PDF readers. Many features can be added, but I don’t want clutter in such a nice software.
1. Open PDF in a browser. I don’t use this feature but many others do.
2. Open multiple PDF files in tabs.
3. A Portable version would be handy.

Cheers !!

4 thoughts on “Haihaisoft PDF Reader: A Basic, Multilingual PDF Reader

  1. hi Sujay, thanks as ever for the review. A couple of queries:
    1) can you zoom using keyboard, or something like Ctrl+mousewheel?
    2) I presume default mouse behaviour is the hand-grab-tool (?)

    as you can see, navigation is one of the most important aspects of a pdf viewer for me 😉
    thanks, Tom

  2. Hello Tom, thanks for your comment 🙂
    1. Zoom can be made via Ctrl+mousewheel.
    2. At areas with no text or non-copyable text, the default mouse behaviour is the hand-grab-tool, otherwise select tool.
    Yes, navigation must be great for a PDF reader to be useful and I find that in this PDF reader. My only complain is that the GUI is not that polished.

  3. Thanks for your recommendation of the PDF reader.Your introduction on this software is in great detail,it seems to be a powerful software.Some features inside it appeal to me very much, I want to have a try.By the way, I’m going to do my work with PDF,does it support Persian?

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