New Relevant Result in Google Search

Google is without doubt the best search engine till date and they haven’t finished yet. New features are being cooked every day. The latest feature that caught my eye is that now Google shows relevant information while searching on some topic. I found such relevant information while searching about Wikipedia, Blogger, Atom, Paracetamol etc.

The relevant information are mostly of three types.
Small Description
In some cases it shows a small descriptions. Small descriptions are sometimes authentic (as designated by a right sign) or relevant.
Searching for Blogger gave ‘authentic’ description
For the second type, you will be allowed give feedback on any wrong information given there after clicking on Feedback.
Searching for Paracetamol gave description
Giving Feedback to Paracetamol description
People related to
In this second category the search result will list some important personalities related to the search phrase.
Searching for Cricket gave information on Related People
Some search results, especially the ‘hot’ searches (Olympic, at the time of this post) will show both type of information.
Searching for Olympic gave everything relevant
My Verdict
I find this change very much useful and exciting. This will relieve the frustration of digging into search results for finding out the relevant one.
Google is still gathering the resources at the time of writing this post. So, you may not see the relevant result on each search phrase.

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