Create GIF Image Easily with Cute Video to GIF Converter

GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) images became popular because it can show animation in the form of an image. Today I will write about Cute Video to GIF Converter that can convert a wide variety of Videos to GIF images. The software allows to select among a number of GIF sizes and also convert only part of a video as GIF. Also it offers to view the video frame by frame and you can save each frame as BMP, JPG or JPEG format.

Features & Specifications
  • The software can be downloaded from the following link (5.64 Mb)
  • Current version of the installer is not digitally signed and it has the following hash.
CRC-32: eca59538
MD4: 2997bab92681ee3f7f58f8ac28f0b03c
MD5: 8eec92abfbb4c8cb2473a6f676f8f098
SHA-1: a995975550ccf0214b9b725fdca897bde64e94a8
  • The software installation requires 18.2 Mb free disk space and it creates a desktop icon by default.
  • The installation is fast but it offers you to install Relevant Knowledge and Software offered by Install Monetizer just like Cute Photo Slideshow.
Avoid Relevant Knowledge
Avoid Install Monetizer
  • The software can run on any Windows version both 32 and 64 bit.
  • The software GUI is cleanly designed. Video can be added via the Open button or by drag & drop.
  • Following video types can be imported.
  • The GUI offers to view the video frame by frame by using the Previous Frame, Next Frame, Previous Key-Frame and Next Key-Frame button. You can even save each frame as BMP, JPG or JPEG image by using the Save Image button.
Main GUI: Allows to Show Frame to Frame
  • You can select a particular portion of a video for conversion to GIF by using Trim Start and Trim End button. You can even unselect the selection by using Reset button.
Main GUI: Allows to Select Length of Video to be Converted to GIF
  • During formation of GIF image, the software can show a preview, optimize it as well as optimize the color map. You need to click on Convert to GIF for initiating the conversion.
Main GUI: During Conversion Shows Preview
  • The software allows to set output GIF size.
  • At conversion end the software will open the output folder.
  • The output folder is located in an awkward position [e.g. C:Windowssystem32configsystemprofilevideotogifconverter] but you may manually set the location.
  • It asks for confirmation while quitting.
  • The software consumes minimal system resources at idle time but at the time of conversion it consumes moderate resources.
System Resource Usage at Idle Time
System Resource Usage during Video to GIF Conversion

 My Verdict

I find this software useful since only a handful of software do this for free. The features are useful but has few bugs.
1. GIF conversion is incomplete in 128 x 86 -sqcif GIF size.
2. GIF conversion fails without seeing the preview.
3. Speed of the animation in GIF is slower than that in original video.
4. The software sometimes displays itself as Cute Video Cutter.
A portable version of the software would be handy and that can easily be created by copying the contents of the installation folder [e.g. C:Program FilesCute Video to GIF Converter] except unins000.exe and unins000.dat in a folder. Execute gifconverter.exe anytime to launch the application.

Cheers !!

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