Google includes Web History into Search Suggestion

Google is the best search engine till date and they are always thriving to make it better and more better. If you have Web History enabled in your Google Account, you must have seen a new feature in Google Search Suggestion that shows your latest Google Search at the Top of other results.

Don’t know what Web History is? Web History is a useful feature in Google Account which remembers all your Google Searches like the browser history. It is enabled by default. So, if you are not aware of it, don’t worry, it is enabled. To check manually, Log In to your Google Account and Go to the following page.
If it is enabled you will see something like the following.
And if disabled, you will see this.
If Google Web History is enabled in your account, Google will make your Google Search Suggestion more useful by showing first two results as your recent searches on the same word. You will also get an option to remove that result if you wish.
This is indeed a useful feature. But from the privacy point of view I do not have web history enabled in my main Google Account and this feature is of no use for me.
Sometimes it is unlikely that a user will repeat the same search everyday and so this feature may seem unnecessary since it can reduce the actual number of search suggestions. But with this new feature Google Web History become a worthy feature so lets welcome it.

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