Change mp3 Quality in Batch using Presets with MP3 Quality Modifier

It you often carry audio files with you in your cellphone or mp3 player, you must have felt the need to reduce file size of the audio files for keeping more audio files in it. There are many software that does this by offering you with the settings to adjust mp3 quality and size. But for a common user, such settings are mostly unknown and scary. MP3 Quality Modifier is a freeware portable software which offers different presets to successfully change mp3 size in batch, without roaming about in the settings. According to the developer

MP3 Quality Modifier is a straightforward program that is able to easily change the quality of your MP3’s in order to save disk space and/or to fit more music on your MP3 player while maintaining the desired level of audio quality and keeping all ID3 tags intact!

Features and Specifications
  • The software comes as an archive [702 Kb] containing the standalone executable [MP3QualityModifier.exe; 908 Kb] and other files.
  • Execute MP3QualityModifier.exe to launch the application.
  • You will be prompted to accept license agreement and after that you will see the main GUI along with a Quick help dialogue.
  • The software is thus portable.
  • The software is multilingual. Supports 11 languages; English, Estonian, French, German, Italian, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish.
  • The GUI is well written, easy to navigate.
  • GUI can be resized and restored to original size.
  • mp3 files can be imported by browsing or by drag and drop. You can browse for individual files or folders containing audio files.
  • It can scan subfolders, repair corrupted mp3 and automatically check files while importing files.
  • It supports importing of mp3, mp2 and mp1 files.
  • It can show details about imported files: File, Title, Artist, Size (Mb), Bitrate, Modus, Sample Frequency. It can also show additional information like Album, File date, Bitrate Mode, copyrighted, Original.
  • You may choose to play that file with default media player. It can open the original location of selected mp3.
  • The GUI can be set to stay on top or exit after conversion.
  • For changing mp3 quality, you can choose either average or constant or variable mode. Accordingly you can change Rate (kbps), Modus and Sample Frequency. All these settings are available in the main GUI. Customization of variable mode can be made from Advanced options.
  • MP3 Quality Modifier can also adopt the folder structure, ID3 tags and file dates, mark files as copyrighted.
  • The software can save the custom settings as a preset. Also it has some presets for managing file size. Those preset settings can be modified.
  • The software allows you to process priority and accuracy. If process takes too long, accuracy can be reduced at the expense of quality.
  • The conversion process takes place in batch. You have the option to shutdown PC after finishing the processing.
  • The result window shows comparison of the converted files with original files and offers you to replace with the original, delete specific converted files, show detailed information about a converted file, play converted file etc.
  • The output files are stored in the output directory in desktop. You may choose to change its location or set it to replace the original.
  • It asks for confirmation every time, while taking some important decision like, removing files from queue, overwriting, closing the GUI etc.
  • The software consumes minute resources at idle time.
  • During processing it runs another process [Encoder.exe] along with the main process [MP3QualityModifier.exe]. Encoder.exe consumes moderately high resources but offers quick conversion.
  • The help dialogue offers complete instructions for using the software but in a brief fashion.
  • Detailed features are also available in the webpage as text files.
  • The software allows user to check for manually check for software updates.
My Verdict

MP3 Quality Modifier is full proof software. It has all the features that I could recommend for a software of this kind. I would like to recommend this software wholeheartedly.


The software can be downloaded from its product homepage.

CRC-32: 4b0ae736
MD4: 367ead193efb13de1d8ee8958f1c43a0
MD5: dc9e601682527eaab1f2be8e23716e43
SHA-1: c3975302728e97ae9e32bf65c240fb92598a258c

Cheers !!

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