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PDF or Portable Document Format is the most commonly used document formats now-a-days due to its versatility and portability. So, there is always a need to convert other document formats to PDF for better usability. Normally this can be done from any printable file with the help of Virtual PDF Printer. FreePDF Creator from is a nice PDF printer that offers additional features like adding document properties, managing PDF quality and adding PDF security.

Features & Specifications

  • The software installer is 11.7 Mb in size.
  • Installation is clean and fast. Asks to register the trial of PDF Converter Elite that adds more functionality to it.
  • The software can be used on all Windows Platform from Windows 2000, both 32 and 64 bit.
  • Installs FreePDF Creator printer.

  • You can customize the way the PDF is being produced after printing by opening All Programs > FreePDF Creator > Customize FreePDF Creator.

  • You can manage Output Quality to the following types

Web Quality (Lowest)
Print Quality (Middle)
Prepress Quality (Highest)

  • Under Custom Quality you can change General, Color, Grayscale, Monochrome settings.

  • You can change Document Properties

  • You can also apply password to restrict permissions to the created PDF.

  • PDF Editing Options are available only if PDF Converter Elite is installed as a trial (within trial period) or registered version.
  • There is no help documentation available in the software. But online documentation is available.
  • The software consumes minimal resources at idle time.

Resource Usage at Idle Time

  • While printing a PDF the system resource usage is quite high.

Resource Usage While Printing

My Verdict
In my option, the software is quite useful and effective if you want to create a PDF in few steps. A few features would be handy.

  1. An offline documentation.
  2. A manual update check option.

Download the software from the product homepage.
MD5: 58A4D0B1CD57667F3ECA8848816749ED
SHA256: 7D92A510A1C44EDADBCBA9CDFDAFC4021A6940582A502F69F245535F5B5696DC

Cheers !!

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