Power Lock Protects Files and Folders with a Password

It is always desirable to protect sensitive files and folders from curious eyes. I have wrote about a few software that can encrypt or lock both files or folders or both. Power Lock is a new open source software to serve both purpose. It is easy to use, uses little resources and is efficient.
Features & Specifications
  • Tiny software, available as a Zip archive [PowerLockv2.zip ; 176 Kb] containing the installer. The installer lacks any digital signature and on execution it silently installs the software and adds shortcuts in Start Menu and Desktop.
  • The software runs well in Windows XP to Windows 7, both 32 and 64 bit.
  • The GUI of the software is very easy to go through, since it has no difficult settings.
  • To lock a file or folder you need to write the path of that or browse for it from the GUI.
  • The software will ask for a password at the first usage of the software. It accepts even 1 character password.
Main GUI
  • The password will be the same for all locking process. You will be able to change password.
Change Password
  • The locked files and folders show access denied errors.
Locked Status of a File
Locked Status of a Folder
  • The software has a Mini Mode which is turned on by default. In Mini Mode the software adds a context menu entry to files and folders.
Context Menu Option
  • Selecting that context menu entry opens up the Mini Mode, which is smarter than the full mode 😉
Mini Mode
  • The software uses negligible resources most of the time.
System Resource Usage
My Verdict
This software has extreme potentiality but something needs to be polished first.

  1. Software installation should not be silent as it is now.
  2. It keeps the password once the GUI is open and password have been given for a locking or unlocking operation. This is an insecure practice and should be fixed.
  3. The software cannot keep any log for the locked files/folders. This is very essential to know which files/folders have been locked with this software.
  4. It shouldn’t allow 1 character password.
  5. Batch locking feature is much needed.

The software is a real goodie and so I will recommend it to all.


The software can be downloaded from the following link

MD5     :111E6DBD370C6927154DA24BD16FA32F
SHA1    :1CD8D627B9F3E491E271A7959570C10A55A9A328
CRC32   :E4946F22

The software is being detected by Bitdefender Antimalware Engine as Gen:Variant.Barys.1958. But I am sure that it is a false detection. I have reported it to Bitdefender already.

Cheers !!

3 thoughts on “Power Lock Protects Files and Folders with a Password

  1. yr program does what i want, but why did you make provision to diasable the password when
    a person click the file an access windows admin giving themselfs acess via windows.
    this sacamvents the reason for your program. the popup should just say “” access not allowed”” not give option to sucamvent the program

  2. Hello,
    That is the default message from Windows. If you try the software you would know that by clicking on “Continue” you will not be able to access that folder. You need to unlock it from the software for getting access.

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