Hard Disk Sentinel Professional Giveaway Winners

Hard Disk Sentinel Professional giveaway has ended yesterday and today I am going to publish the Winners list.
First let me clarify something.
  • I wasn’t able to count some of the entrants because they haven’t subscribed to the newsletter.
  • If someone happened to subscribe with an email address different as the one he posted with, then I could also not be able to count him since it was clearly mentioned in the rules.
I want to sincerely apologize for the inconvenience that have been created with the rules, but rules are everywhere isn’t it? Were the rules very hard to follow? You are free to comment below…

Hard Disk Sentinel Professional Giveaway Winners

Ok, lets not take the talk further since its time to announce the Winners. I had 80 qualified entrants and I randomized their email addresses using RandomizeList.com , Owners of the first 25 email addresses have been selected as the winners.

Hard Disk Sentinel Professional Giveaway Winners
For a more complete screenshot go to the following link.
Winners Name and Email Addresses have been forwarded to Janos Methe, developer of Hard Disk Sentinel. He will sent the license codes to the winners.
Those who haven’t won a license of Hard Disk Sentinel Professional or have missed the giveaway, please purchase it. You won’t regret.

13 thoughts on “Hard Disk Sentinel Professional Giveaway Winners

  1. W00T! My email was #25!!! Totally awesome. Congrats to all the winners, and sorry to all the others.  1 million thanks to Janos & Sujay!

  2. Thanks again for the giveaway, I have received the license.
    You're on of the authors of Techno360 right? I'm a frequent visitor for both sites, great articles and nicely done review.

  3. Many thanks to Sujay Ghosh for his great effort and work in this Giveaway. Special thanks is also given to insightsintechnology.com for such organizing of such Great Giveaway Event.
    I have received the license. 

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