Create Shortcut at Custom Location Easily with CreateShortcutThere

Creating Shortcut to file or folder is a frequently used feature in Windows. Windows allows to create shortcut in the same folder as the file or folder whose shortcut is being created. It also allows to create shortcut in Desktop via Send to > Desktop. So, if you need to create that shortcut in a custom location, you need to copy/move the created one to that location. This is annoying for those who use this feature frequently; for example, to create shortcut in start menu of portable executables. CreateShortcutThere is an application that can bring smile to many of you since it allows to browse for location to create shortcut.

Features & Specifications

  • The application [CreateShortcutThere.exe ; 211 Kb] is not digitally signed and upon executing, shows up a screen to to install “Context Menu” icon.
  • After installing Context Menu, it will show like the following.
  • To remove this application just execute the application again and you will see an option to remove the Context Menu.
  • This application is only on demand, runs only when a shortcut has to be created in custom location. Nevertheless it requires only a little resources.
  • This application runs good on all versions of Windows both 32 and 64 bits.
My Verdict

The software cannot remember the last location of shortcut location, always selects the original folder while starting browsing. This limitation may restrict you to fully appreciate the usefulness of this application. So, there is a update patch that needs to be installed for such problem.
I am using this software for many years and will recommend you to do so.

The original software can be downloaded from the following link
MD5     :04D85FBCB611C560858EBF7221AFEC68
SHA1    :9A947620CB441DCF18EEFD04795D309FACDB6404
CRC32   :BCBA0199
The updated patch can be downloaded as a Zip Archive containing the executable.
MD5     :B1EB80395E88471F0C0406DFFFE28E3B
SHA1    :C3A4BF2A05C0241034BE77E218DE7CA9A07C408A
CRC32   :6222F1C9

Have Fun !!

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