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While PDF is probably the most commonly used document format for carrying, reading and distributing, still Microsoft Office documents, like Microsoft Office Word, Excel and PowerPoint hold major importance for ease of editing. So, it is very much desirable to have a tool to inter convert Microsoft Office Documents and PDF. If you haven’t read already, I wrote a post on PDFMate which is a desktop application for converting PDF to Text files, EPUB Ebooks, common images in formats of JPG, PNG, etc, HTML files, and SWF. But I haven’t found any free software that converts PDF to Microsoft Office Documents. But, no worries, offers a decent online tool for converting PDF to Microsoft Office Documents and from all document formats to PDF. So, if you are online you can have it for FREE.
Convert Document using


  1. Select you desired conversion and you will be presented with a form to upload your file.
  2. Attach the desired file.
  3. Enter Email Address for receiving the link to converted file
  4. Click on Start! to begin uploading of the file.

Maximum size of the file to be uploaded is 2 Mb.

Any Document to PDF
Soon, you will receive an email from noreply[at] with a link to the converted file.

By clicking on that link, you will go their webpage again and can download the file.
My Verdict
I like the service because its quality and ease of use. It can retail the filename of the original file and do not add any prefix or suffix to it. But some things can be improved.
  1. After attaching a file , you won’t get a visual indication whether the file has been attached unless you enter email address and click on Start!. It should improved.
  2. Maximum file size limit should be elevated to atleast 5 Mb.
  3. It converts PDF to DOC and XLS and converts to PPTX rather than PPT.
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