RadioZilla: Listen and Download Music Legally from Online Radio

Online Streaming Radio Stations are an excellent resource to listen and download legal music. RadioZilla from Toerex is a simple but powerful software to manage your experience with Online Radio Stations. Not only you can get a large number of channels in one platform, it can also download music from that streams. I had reviewed WebInpaint from Toerex previously, which was a good experience and this time with RadioZilla, experience is pleasant too.
  • System Requirements
  1.  Windows XP SP3 32-bit
  2. Windows XP SP3 64-bit
  3. Windows Vista 32-bit
  4. Windows Vista 64-bit
  5. Windows 7 32-bit
  6. Windows 7 64-bit
  7. Mac OS X 10.6 and higher (only intel CPU)
  • Small installer (4.18 Mb), not digitally signed.
  • supports two languages, English & Deutsch
  • Clean and fast installation. Do not create desktop and quick launch shortcuts automatically.
  • Lists channels in categories: Alternative, Blues, Classical, Country, Decades, Easy Listening, Electronic, Folk, Inspirational, International, Jazz, Latin, Metal, Misc, New Age, Pop, Public Radio, R&B/Urban, Rap, Reggae, Rock, Seasonal/Holiday, Soundtracks, Talk and Themes.
  • Most category has a number of channels listed in it. But some category is still empty. For example: R&B/Urban & Seasonal/Holiday.
  • Most category has subcategory too. For example: Folk category has Alternative Folk, Contemporary Folk, Folk Rock, New Acoustic, Traditional Folk, World Folk.
  • Some sub categories remain empty too. For example: New Acoustic.
  • Select any channel to start it.
  • Reception of streaming is clear and smooth.
  • There is no option to edit connection settings. This means users behind proxy most likely will miss the fun of this software.
  • You will be able load Album Art of the music being played and can keeps the album art of all the music that have been listened in a session.
  • It can record and save tracks being listened.
  • It can also auto record tracks. You can told the minimum duration below which the software will not auto-record songs. 30 sec is the default duration.
  • RadioZilla can automatically saves every new track in a separate file with the corresponding file name.
  • The saved format is mp3 and the file name contains artist, song-name, date and time. For example: Stone Roses  – Fools Gold  2012-05-03 23-53-33.mp3.
  • It can also save favorite songs, just click save button while listening to a track you can get it full even if you have started recording from the middle.
  • It saves recorded tracks in default folder “C:UsersSujayMusicRadioZilla”, but that folder can be changed.
  • No offline help is available. Help option opens product homepage which does not much help topics listed other that the product features. But the software usage is damn easy and as such the need for a help file is little.
My Verdict
I am really liking this. It may be the simplest one to have but no doubt is most powerful. They have listed the channels well. Some empty categories suggest that they haven’t yet finished in adding channels. Teorex certainly have kept their reputation with this nice piece of software.
  1. One thing I didn’t like is that the stop and start feature do not perform well. If you stop playback and then start it again, it says “This station is temporarily unavailable”. You need to just select any other channel and then again revert back to that previous channel for starting it.
  2. They need to make it double click on the channel rather than selecting or just left clicking on the channel to start it. Because sometimes an user may mistakenly select other channel.
  3. Since there are a lots of channels available a search feature would be really useful.
  4. A connection settings for users behind proxy (with authentication) would attract more users to use this software.
  5. An offline help file.
  6. A portable version would be awesome.
This software used to be a shareware ($24.95) but now it has become free. You can download the software from the direct links given in the download page. [For Windows] [For Macintosh]

Cheers !!

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