Win8Starter Pro – Windows 8 Start Menu: Review and Giveaway

Why Win8Starter Pro ?

Windows 8 is the latest operating system from Microsoft. With Windows 8 Microsoft has came with lots of new ideas, the most drastic change is obviously its look. Metro UI has been introduced, concept of Start Menu has been replaced with the new Metro Start Screen where you can pin your favorite and most used applications for quicker access. But all these have made for the life of most of us tougher because we are so much used to the conventional Windows look.  Although statistics say that most of the time we don’t use Start Menu and rely on shortcuts on desktop, taskbar and even keyboard hotkeys, the usability of Start Menu can’t be denied. As a matter of fact many companies have started to develop softwares that mimic the look and feel of Start Menu. Win8Starter as already been discussed is one of such software developed by Engelmann Media GmbH. It comes with a pro version too. Win8Starter Pro offers you to customize how links, icons and menus look and behave in Start menu, to change the power button action, to manage the privacy settings. It also automatically matches its look with the color of the window borders and taskbar.

Win8Starter Pro Logo

Win8Starter Pro Specifications

Win8Starter Pro comes as the same installer as the free version and can be downloaded from the following link.

The 3.27 Mb installer of Win8Starter Pro is signed by Engelmann Media GmbH. Installation needed administrative rights. Installation is clean and fast. By default Win8Starter Pro loads on Windows startup and creates a taskbar shortcut. Its the taskbar shortcut that brings the magic of Start Menu Back. I would suggest to drag Win8Starter Pro taskbar shortcut to the left corner of the taskbar to get back the ‘old’ feelings.

Win8Starter Pro: Windows 8 Start Menu

Win8Starter Pro: Windows 8 Start Menu

Win8Starter Pro is available in four languages: Danish, German, Italian and English.

To customize its options, registration, you need to be a bit tricky. Right click on the top area of the Win8Starter Pro Start menu or in any black space and select “Settings” and you will get to see the Settings dialogue. Here you can register your product, manage power button action, privacy settings and customize the look and behavior of links, icons and menus in the Start menu.

Win8Starter Pro - General Settings

Win8Starter Pro – General Settings

Win8Starter Pro - Startmenu Settings

Win8Starter Pro – Startmenu Settings

Win8Starter Pro - Startmenu Settings

Win8Starter Pro – Startmenu Settings

Win8Starter Pro is set to check for updates automatically. Manual update check is also possible.
Minimal system resources is getting consumed by Win8Starter Pro.

Win8Starter Pro - System resource usage

Win8Starter Pro – System resource usage

My Verdict

I am one of the users who got puzzled with the metro UI and have missed the Start menu very much. Win8Starter Pro has fulfilled most of my needs. Only one feature, if included, would be useful. There needs to be a Pin to Start Menu option on the context menu of executables or its shortcuts.

Win8Starter Pro Giveaway

Win8Starter Pro version can be purchased at a low price of $ 5.99. Ulrich has agreed to contribute 15 licenses for our blog readers. If you are interested in having a license, please any one of the following rules,

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And don’t forget to post a comment with a valid email address.

Giveaway will run until 11th Nov, 2012. Winners will be chosen randomly.

Giveaway ended. Winners will be announced shortly.

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