Insights in Technology: Moved from Blogger to WordPress

Insights in Technology – Now in WordPress

Hello everyone, its quite a long time since I have interacted with you properly. Like I mentioned in my last conversation, I was doing extensive maintenance of my site. As most most of you know, Insights in Technology used to be hosted on Blogger, the great free blog hosting by Google. I had chosen Blogger for my blogging platform since at the time of starting the blog, I wanted to be trouble free and of course didn’t want to spend money on the site. But with time, I got more motivated and determined. The changes came through purchasing of a domain name and starting the forum. But probably the most firm decision has been the latest one, i.e. switching the blogging platform altogether. Yes, I have switched to WordPress, the most versatile blogging platform till date.

Insights in Technology - Blogger to WordPress

The Reason for Switching

I had a few good reasons to stick with Blogger. Firstly, its reliability. Since Blogger is hosted on Google, chances of a downtime are very very rare. Secondly, Blogger is an easy to use platform. You need to know almost nothing to run a site in Blogger. But there are downsides too, especially if you are serious about your blog. Blogger offers lesser customization than self hosted platforms. There are only few scopes to optimize your content for the search engine using Blogger. This factor ultimately hurt me the most. Even after a span of 8 months, only a few posts ranked well on Google, while for most cases I could see many sites ranked well even with poorer post quality. After going through many SEO facts, I got to know that Good content is only one major point to rank well on search engine. There are other several important factors that contributes to a good ranking. For applying those factors I need more customization, which unfortunately was not possible in Blogger. To be frank with you, I might not have bother much with the search engine ranking. I started my blog for passion but things have changed with time. Although I am doing PhD and might have a bright future ahead, I will hate to quit blogging. Blogging requires quite a bit of my important times and I am seriously thinking of getting paid through my passion. So, I have tried a few Ad Networks, Affiliate Marketing etc. But none had given me much or any success since the traffic I am getting currently in Insights in Technology is too small to get any hit. Even Google had turned down my application for AdSense for a similar reason. Search engine is the major source of getting traffic and hence optimization of my contents had become a must.

The transition from Blogger to WordPress was not an easy one. Fortunately I had purchased the domain name earlier. And so the transition was possible without loosing further search engine ratings. I would discuss about the techniques involved in the transition in a later time.

The Deals Section

After migrating to WordPress, I took another bold step. I saw in the forum that the only threads that are related to discounts are getting more hits. I started my blogging in Techno360 by writing about freebies. i love to share about freebies and deals but I don’t want to mix-up freebies information with my natural software reviews. So I have opened another section in my site that is related to technology deals and discounts. Please have a look into that section. You can as well subscribe to that section separately.

Commenting Platform

I had designed the site for getting smoother experience and so I hadn’t installed much external scripts. Disqus has been removed as the commenting platform and replaced with a much secure but simple comment box.

The forum

I have confusions regarding the fate of the original Insights in Technology forum. Even after two months since its launch, I had been the only active contributor. I know, I can’t expect anything so quickly but things should have been changed. I have realized that I won’t achieve anything by  starting just another internet forum. So, temporarily I have stopped contributing at the forum for focusing more on blogging. The deals information will be posted on the Deals & Discount section. Please note that I haven’t decided anything final regarding the forum. It will stay in the subdomain as long as Insights in technology remains alive. In fact I am thinking about starting a community  with lesser rules and regulations compared to conventional forum. This idea hasn’t been matured yet but I have started cooking things.

So, that’s all for now. Enjoy the new look of the site. No need to bother much with links under I am on widget in the sidebar. I have submitted my blog to a number of blog directories for betterment of page rank and to get more traffic. Yes I am working hard on the site. The optimization of the contents is still being carried out. Please wish my all the best !!

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