Malware is Everywhere – Security Awareness Infographic

Today, most of our life is oriented around computers and internet. We edit documents, watch movies, communicate with friends, purchase accessories through computers and internet. Like individuals, companies totally rely computers and internet for all their jobs and support. But the digital world is not safe. Cyber criminals are engaged 24×7 to hijack your PC, steal your password and credit card details through the use of malware that user installs without knowing. Malware can compromise your identity, destroy your data & slow down your PC.


The term Malware is the short form of Malicious Software, Its a piece of coding that can destroy your digital identity in a few minutes. Thousands of new malwares are being created every day. Commonly a individual or company rely 100% on antimalware solutions but there are instances where they are even more careless regarding cybersecurity.


Antimalware is not a 100% preventive medium for fighting against malware. These still are weak against Zero-day malware threats. As such, everybody needs to have some common sense to combat such situations. Cartoons and Infographics has always been successful for presenting detailed information in a delightful fashion. So, Inspired eLearning Blog have created an useful Security Awareness Inforgrahic to inform you about the ways of getting infected, consequences, top 10 infected countries, targeted company type and ways to stay safe. They have collected the statistics from Symantec and Sophos reports.

Malware is Everywhere: Security Infographic


This infographic neatly presents the importance of awareness about cyber crimes. So, make sure to share it. Remember, its our duty to make others aware about cyber security !!

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