Registry Life: A Tool for Maintaining Windows Registry – Review

Windows registry is important for its proper functioning. Windows default commands and commands for the installed software is embedded in the registry. So, if registry becomes corrupted, things will start malfunctioning. Ideally a software uninstallation should remove all the registry entries that software creates during installation or during its function. Unfortunately in most cases this does not happen. Also Windows itself stores junk registries time to time. With the increase in duration of computer usage, unneeded registry entries get accumulated and chances of false or invalid commands from those useless registries increase and Windows start slowing down. Also, fragmentation in registry is a factor that grows with time. Response from Windows registry slows down with fragmentation.
There have been two schools of thought regarding cleaning up and optimization of Windows registry. In spite of the above mentioned facts (hypothesis !!) some do not believe in the utility of registry maintenance while some does believe in that. A common point of belief is that registry cleaning should be done with proper knowledge since it could be dangerous if edited improperly.
Registry Life is a free utility from ChemTable Software that does the registry cleaning and optimization with ease. It offers automatic backup, exclusion, manual selection of reported registry entries. Please note that registry maintenance software does its job based on some algorithms and so none is perfect to identify the real situation. So, when using registry cleaning you need to manually justify whether only useless registry entries are getting removed.

Download & Installation
The software may be downloaded from the following direct link
It is a 14.4 Mb installer, digitally signed by Konstantin Polyakov.
Installation is fast and requires administrative right.
As is mentioned in the license agreement, Registry Life setup contains the setup package of paid software Reg Organizer and Full Uninstall that you may optionally install. You need to be careful if not interested in those softwares. I was prompt to install Full Install and avoided that by using proper installation option. After software launch for the first time I was also asked to install free software Handy Start Menu.
The software runs perfectly from Windows XP to Windows 7, both 32 & 64 bit versions and requires 21.4 Mb Free Disk Space for software installation.
Features & Specifications
The software features a clean GUI. Once opened starts analyzing for registry errors and fragmentation and lets you know the approximate status.
Registry Cleanup
It is the feature that is most important and you need to be careful while using it.


It offers registry cleanup in all important areas but you may choose to select only specific regions.
By default the software has some references and strings that it ignores. You may also ignore entries that it has found on scanning. Backup is automatically created.
Registry Optimization
This section is important o defragment Windows registry and to make it compact. A system restart is needed after the optimization, or you set it to automatically shutdown PC after optimization. It asks to close working programs and disable AV for proper functioning since any interference may lead to malfunctioning. In fact it detects any running applications.
You will get detailed report about the optimization at the end.
The software can check for updates even under proxy with authentication.
At idle time the software consumes little resources at idle time. During registry scan or optimization the resource usage could be higher but that is unimportant since you are not supposed to do any thing else during that time.
My Verdict
Registry Life software has everything to become a safe registry maintenance tool. So, if you are confident enough to use registry cleaners you may use it at your own risk. Better create a system restore point before proceeding.
Cheers !!

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