FadeTop visually reminds you to take a break

Weekends are not a very funny time for me because I have to work hard for my blog since in Week days I face a heavy load in my phD projects. What taunts me more is that I forgot about the time in most cases and hence even fail to take a break to grab a coffee!! But my next weekends will not be like before because I have just discovered a sweet program that will take care of me by visually reminding me about the current time by fading the computer screen with a Bluish Glow!! I want to that the developer Muti very much for informing me about his software FadeTop.

Take a Look at FadeTop in action. Wait till 10 seconds when you will be able to view that blueish glow.
FadeTop Video Demo
Features and Specifications
  • FadeTop comes as a Installer as well as a Portable version. The installer is tiny (452 Kb) and does not have a digital signature attached with it.
  • Installation is clean and fast. It adds a Desktop and Quick Launch icons by default and sets the program to launch at computer start.
  • The Software runs on both 32 and 64 bit versions of Windows XP, Vista and 7. 1.1 Mb of free hard disk space is required for the installation.
  • It creates a tray icon that changes its color during visual break. Bluish Glow can be turned off by left clicking on the tray icon.
  • By default the software uses the following settings.
  1. The software auto-fades computer screen every 15 minutes: 9:00, 9:15 9:30 etc.
  2. The software keeps that fading for 20 seconds.
  3. The Maximum opacity of the screen is 70% by default.
  4. Overlay color is blue and Text color is White.
  5. Text Size is 250 pixels.
  6. It is doesn’t show the fading if a full-screen application like a Movie or Game is running.
Bluish Glow
  • You will be able to change the options according to your choice.
Options Screen
  • It is fairly light on resources.
    My Verdict
    I really have liked the concept of the software. The default settings suffices my choice. I would recommend the software to everyone.
    Download the software from it’s homepage
    Installer Version
    MD5     :B4E41FA0286381466FCA55DD890AEA7F
    SHA1    :06E64751320EB64E7FB9B186AA0B4627DD3E62D5
    CRC32  :57650145
    Portable Version
    MD5     :F3B9A0996F3C6395F02B9C27E567DF44
    SHA1    :CA4B4C301B7D01E2F6CAB1EB8B7FF019DF5A5F1F
    CRC32  :7B45C718

    Cheers !!

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