Remove clutter of your taskbar with RBTray

Often when you have so many open windows it is difficult to search a particular window. In such cases we have to close some windows that might be useful. So, won’t this be a good idea if we can hide some windows in tray! RBTray can help you in doing that.

RBTray is a portable application developed by Nikolay Redko and J. D. Purcell and is written in C++ under GNU General Public License (GPL).
  • It is a portable version which contains 32 bit and 64 bit version and also the source code. You may want to extract it to a folder, e.g. C:Program FilesRBTray.
  • If you want RBTray to automatically run on Windows startup, create a shortcut to appropriate RBTray.exe in your Start Menu’s “Startup” folder. Follow Instructions.
  • RBTray has no GUI. It just runs background and does its job.
  • When RBTray is running you can Right-Click on the “Minimize” button of any Windows to hide/move it to tray. Thereby you will be able to keep windows without cluttering taskbar. The tray icon is the same the application icon.
  • To know content of the hidden window hover mouse on the tray icon of the hidden window.
  • To restore the hidden windows Left Click on the icons of the hidden window.
  • Right Click on the icons of the hidden window gives options to Exit RBTray, Close and Restore hidden window.
  • RBTray is extremely has negligible impact on system.

RBTray is free and the current version 4.3 can be downloaded fromany of the the following links
or use the download page

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