Firefox 11 released: Download from Mozilla FTP Servers

Since adopting the idea of releasing new version of Firefox every six weeks, Mozilla have maintained the pace. After the release of Firefox 10 on 31st January, they have prepared their next major build Firefox 11 today on 10th March, exactly after 42 days/6 weeks. Although the version is yet to be published in their website it can be found on their FTP server.
English version

The setup files for other languages can be found in the following folders


If you aren’t in any hurry of testing the new version, you can wait until Mozilla starts delivering the update via automatic update channel. You can now be less worried about your add-on compatibility because due to a change in the Mozilla add-on policy, about 80% add-ons will be marked as compatible with any major release of Firefox.

No official change-log has been published yet. But from the beta release notes two exciting changes can be expected.

(Courtesy: Mozilla)

Add-on Synchronization 
With add-on synchronization you will be able to keep same add-on installation and settings in all the places you want to. Previous this could only be done with external add-on. This will be an interesting change since Google Chrome have implemented this feature in version 6.
Bookmark, History and Cookie migration from Chrome
As I haven’t tested the beta I am not sure if this option will be available during installation like it asks for the same from internet explorer. Whatever, it’s also a good change because the number of Chrome users switching to Firefox have increased recently (I am one of them).

Have a happy browsing experience with the new Firefox!

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