uRex Videomark Platinum: Add Watermark to Video – Review

Many of us share captured videos, video tutorials via social media or video sharing sites. In most cases we do not care about the copyright but often that leads to serious issues. Someone else illegally use your video and claims as his own. The only way to protect copyright on videos is to add watermarks in it. uRex Videomark Platinum is an easy to use software that assists in adding your brand to your self created video. The software has an elegant look and its pretty straightforward to use. You can Text, Image and Shape watermarks in a batch of videos with a few clicks of mouse. uRex Videomark Platinum is quite lightweight and fast in action.

uRex Videomark Platinum Boxshot

uRex Videomark Platinum Features & Specifications

Download & Installation

uRex Videomark Platinum can be downloaded from its homepage using This Link. Its a 13.83 Mb installer, not digitally signed.
Installation of uRex Videomark Platinum requires administrative right. Installation is clean and smooth. It consumes 21 Mb of disk space. You will be asked to create Desktop icon and to launch the application at installation end.

System Requirements:

  • CPU – 1GHz or higher Intel or AMD processor
  • RAM – 256 MB or higher
  • Graphic card – DirectX 8 compatible graphic card or higher
  • Monitor – XGA (800×600) or higher resolution monitor
  • Operating system – Windows 8/7/Vista/XP/2000

First Impression

After launching the application, you will be greeted with a cute splash screen and a moment later the GUI will open. You will be asked to enter your registration details with in additional Window.

The interface of uRex Videomark Platinum has an elegant minimalistic look.
uRex Videomark Platinum Main GUI
You can add videos of a range of formats using the Browse Button (+) or via drag & drop. Following video formats are the supported. You can preview the added videos.
uRex Videomark Platinum Supported Video Formats

Adding Text Watermark

You can click on Add Text button to open a GUI for adding Text Watermark.

Add Text Watermark using uRex Videomark Platinum
Here you can write the text of your choice, change its font, opacity, position and effects. After using your desired settings, click “OK” button to the main interface.

Adding Image Watermark

You can add image watermarks too. Click on Add Image button to open a GUI for adding Image Watermark.

Add Image Watermark using uRex Videomark Platinum
You can use any of the preset images or use your own. You change rotate the added image, change its opacity, alignment.

Adding Shape Watermark

You can add shapes as watermark to your owned video. Click on Add Sign button to open a GUI for adding Shape Watermark.

Add Shape Watermark using uRex Videomark Platinum
You can add 4 types of shapes: Line segment, Curve, Rectangle and Ellipse. You can adjust shape thickness, opacity, alignment etc.

Start Adding Watermark

Before starting to add watermark, you can view the original and watermarked video side-by-side to decide if the appropriate settings have been applied. When everything is set, click on the Start button to open the conversion window. Here you will get a choice to adjust output video/audio quality, video format, add subtitle and to set the output folder. A number of output video formats are supported which includes AVI, MPEG, MP4, WMV, MKV, MOV, RM, 3GP, FLV, SWF, VCD and DVD.

Output Settings of uRex Videomark Platinum

Additional Details

  • Online help available for uRex Videomark Platinum.
  • The software can auto update available every day ,week and month. You can even check for updates manually.
  • It can play sound on conversion finish. Custom sound can be set.
  • A number of post conversion jobs can be set: after done: No Actions, Exit, Open Destination Folder, Exit and Open Destination Folder, Restart Computer, Shut Down.
  • uRex Videomark Platinum can show details about added video: Name, Duration, File Size, Creation Date, Bit Rate (Video & Audio), Encoder (Video & Audio), Resolution, Frame Rate, Sample Rate, Channels.

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