Windows 8 for Dummies – Dell Pocket Edition: Free ebook

Windows 8 – Easy or Complicated !!

Microsoft recently have released their brand new operating system Windows 8. Like always, Microsoft has put much effort to make the operating system more easier and approachable to all kinds of users, especially the beginners. They have thus introduced a new Metro UI. Metro UI might assist the beginners but most regular Windows users are facing problems with this change. A thorough guide has thus been essential for the so-called easiest OS.

Windows 8 for Dummies

Dummies ebooks has long been known for lucid presentations. It covers a wide variety of topics and Windows is not an exception. Windows 8 for Dummies ebook has already been on the market and is priced at $24.99.

Offer from Dell

Dell, the industry leader in computers and laptops is currently offering a special edition: Windows 8 for Dummies – Dell Pocket Edition for free.

Along with enhanced management, data access and security features, Windows 8 was designed to be intuitive. Even so, using a new OS inevitably means learning some new tricks.

Whether you’re running Windows 8 on a touchscreen device, laptop or desktop, keep this free e-book in your pocket as a quick reference guide that’s there whenever you need it.

Windows 8 For Dummies - Dell Pocket Edition

To grab your own copy of the book, please go to the following page

Fill up the details on the right side and click on submit button. You will soon be redircted to a page. Click on the download button to start your download. Its a 11 Mb PDF file. The book has been written by Andy Rathbone in a careful manner to introduce you with all the new hurdles of Windows 8.

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