VSO Inspector Checks CD/DVD/Blu-ray Writers & The Inserted Media

Often it is essential to inspect the nature of the CD/DVD/Blu-ray writers & the inserted media. This is an essential part of troubleshooting problems. VSO Inspector is a free add-on to report various information about your hardware configuration.

VSO Inspector Download & Installation

  • VSO Inspector is available for download from the following link.
  • Its a 2.9 Mb installer digitally signed with VSO-SOFTWARE.
  • Installation is multilingual. It supports 13 languages.
  • Desktop and Quick Launch icons are created by default on installation.
  • Administrative right is needed for installation.
  • During installation Pcouffin.sys driver is installed and you may get a prompt to allow its installation.
  • Installation fast and clean. You will be asked to launch the application at the end.

VSO Inspector Features

Detect and list the features of your CD/DVD/Blu-ray/HD-DVD readers or writers:

– Supported formats
– Region details
– Firmware versions
– Buffer size
– etc…

VSO Inspector: Device Properties

Device Properties

Detect and list information about the inserted media:

– Media type
– Capacity
– Media ID (manufacturer and/or model)
– Number of layers
– Supported speeds (with current writer)

VSO Inspector: Inserted Media Properties

Inserted Media Properties

Media Analysis

– Sector reading

VSO Inspector: Sector Viewer

Sector Viewer

– Definition of the area to check
– Definition of the read direction (as medias are mostly weak at the end of the recording zone, starting from the end is a good idea for a quick quality indication)
– Surface Scan & File Test. You can even specify the sectors to scan.

VSO Inspector: Surface Scan

Surface Scan

VSO Inspector: File Test

File Test

You can save scan reports and other information for future use.

One thought on “VSO Inspector Checks CD/DVD/Blu-ray Writers & The Inserted Media

  1. Do you know how fast your CD, DVD or Blu-Ray drive is? Which formats it supports out of the box? VSO Inspector can deliver those answers to you, if you are running the Windows operating system.

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