ParetoLogic EasyFileViewer can Open Multiple File Types: Free Offer

Everyday we encounter a number of file types that are used for may different applications, e.g. .JPG, .PDF, .HTML, .RAR, .TXT, .PHP, .DOCX etc. Different in-built or third party softwares are required to view different category of files e.g. Picture Viewers, Archive Managers, Document Viewers etc. New computer users, often face troubles in remembering the names of the softwares that can be used to open a particular file types, mainly if its not associated with any particular software. Moreover, often we receive files that do not open in any of the installed softwares… For such problems ParetoLogic EasyFileViewer is very useful, since it can open a range of file types including Documents, Pictures, Archives, Web Friendly File types etc. The developer says,
Through our jobs and in our home lives, we receive all kinds of different file types. In many situations, the software used to create them is not installed on our computers. Trying to open a file can be frustrating. EasyFileViewer makes it easy to quickly open documents, images, archived files and much more.

Supported File Types
  • Opens file extensions PDF, DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, RTF and many more.
  • Supports word processing files, spreadsheets and other documents created by such popular programs as Microsoft Office 2010, Adobe Acrobat and many, many others.
  • Copy text to paste into other documents or emails.
  • Search document for key words.
Images and Graphics
  • Opens such image formats as TIFF, JPG, JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIF, BMP and others.
  • Zoom in, zoom out or rotate images.
Archived Files
  • Unpack zipped, compressed and archived files.
  • Supports file extensions ZIP, 7Z, GZ, RAR and more.
  • Extract files – just one or all – and save to a specific location.
EasyFileViewer opens the above file extensions and many more. For example, you can view web friendly file types such as HTM, HTML, XML and PHP. As well, you can open TXT, LOG and other file types.
Minimum System requirements
  • 40 MB free hard disk space required for initial installation
  • Internet connection
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.0 and above
  • Operating privileges: do not require administrator privilegesfor its operation. But it is required during installation and update.
Operating System Requirements for EasyFileViewer:
  • Windows® 7 Operating System 64-bit
    • 2 GB Memory (RAM)
    • 1 GHz Processor Speed
  • Windows® 7 32-bit
    • 1 GB Memory (RAM)
    • 1 GHz Processor Speed
  • Windows® Vista 32-bit
    • Home Premium, Business, Enterprise, Ultimate
    • Service Pack 2
    • 1 GB Memory (RAM)
    • 1 GHz Processor Speed
  • Windows® Vista 32-bit
    • Home Basic
    • Service Pack 2
    • 512 MB Memory (RAM)
    • 800 MHz Processor Speed
  • Windows® XP Operating System 32-bit
    • Service Pack 3
    • 256 MB Memory (RAM)
    • 300 MHz Processor Speed
Download, Installation & Registration
  • The software can be downloaded from the following link.
  • Its a 9.2 Mb installer signed by ParetoLogic Inc.
  • The software installation is fast and clean. A desktop icon is created by default.
  • The software is not free. The trial version offers only partial previewing.
  • You can get a Free 1 year license by registering in the following webpage using your name and a a valid email address.
  • Shortly you will receive an email from no-reply[at] with the order ID and subscription information. If you do not receive an email, please check your junk folder and settings. Please follow proper link in that mail to go to an webpage showing your registration code. You need to copy the license in proper page or take a printout of that page.
  • To Activate the Product, begin by running the application from the desktop icon or from the Start menu. Once the application is open:
  • Under the ‘Help’ menu, please click on ‘About EasyFileViewer’
  • Enter your license key in the space provided.

*Caution – some characters look the same – like number “0” and the letter “O”, always use the number.

  • Click ‘Ok’.
  • The software GUI is well written for easy usage. Upon launching the software it opens the Welcome GUI from where you can start using the software right away.
  • You can open files via file menu or via drag & drop.
  • You can take the help of Wizard to find the appropriate files.
EasyFileViewer Wizard
File Search Result
  • The software offers you to copy text from documents, allows you to rotate and manage the viewing after proper zooming.
  • The software can Extract archived files and save to a specified location. You can even pick a default location to save them.
  • Multiple instances of the software are allowed.
EasyFileViewer Options
  • The software can show you the file properties, as well as the hexadecimal view.
Hexadecimal View of a Zip File
  • Following you can find some file types opened in the software.
Opened a Picture File
Opened a PDF File
Opened a Microsoft Word Document
Opened a Zip File
Opened a HTML file
Opened a PHP file
  • It has a help menu but I was not able to open that help document.
  • The software can check for updates at startup.
  • The system resource usage of the software depends on the scenario.
Searching For Files
While opening a large file
After Opening the File
While Browsing through the file
My Verdict
I quite the like the software but I like it to be a freeware. Some wishlists.
  • A portable version would be nice.
  • It would be great to have a tabbed interface.
  • It should open Videos and Audios too.

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