Insights in Technology now has a .COM address

If you haven’t noticed already, Insights in Technology has now a new domain name. Today I have registered with Insights in Technology. But my blog is still hosted in Blogger and I have no current plans for hosting it outside blogger.
Since sub-domain is free and is hugely abused by dishonest writers, I wish the reputation of this .com domain will be instrumental in the success of Insights in Technology. I am certain to get better attention from software developers and so you can expect more giveaways in my blog.
You will continue to receive updates in RSS Feed and Email Newsletter like before & old subdomain will automatically redirect to .com domain address.
If you are delighted seeing this change please share with me !!

6 thoughts on “Insights in Technology now has a .COM address

  1. congratulation Sujay……..i think this is the  beginning of a new era……..hope it works out great for you……… 🙂   

  2. Cool.  Just changed my bookmark to the .com address.  Developers will definitely have more trust of a .com.  Good luck!

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