Remove Fake Antivirus cleans Rogue Security Software

Computer usage is a necessity in today’s world and most of the users have very little practical knowledge about computers beyond their point of interest. While they are innocent in these matters they are highly susceptible to online exploitation. It has been a plague now-a-days to scare those basic users to the “destruction” of their PC due to presence of errors in their PC or presence of malware. The main goal is obviously to bluff those users by showing imaginary errors or/and malware present in their system and forcing them to buy their “product”. Of course these products are useless. It’s a common thing among basic users to relate the efficiency of a product based on the number of infection or error it detects be it fake or real. So, even if they are protected with “good” antimalware they fall in these dirty tricks.

This class of fake software are known as rogueware, rogue security software, fake antispyware etc. Historically these malware used to do no harm other than exploiting basic users for buying their software; but normally these come with advanced capabilities to do harm to computers. These class of malware are difficult to detect through heuristics or generic detection as these tend to install in a similar way as other security software and does critical system modifications.
Remove Fake Antivirus is a nice little utility which detects rogueware that pretends to find irrelevant infections. Presently it is only 233.5 Kb in size and is able to detect and remove traces of 78 such rogues. It scans essential places for traces of rogues and then removes those asks to reboot PC for complete removal of rogueware.
If you are interested in knowing the actual infections that a specific rogueware does and that Remove Fake Antivirus can remove, you can browse through their Removal Guide.
Remove Fake Antivirus is not a replacement for your current antimalware but it can be used for time to time checking of your computer for rogues. The software is frequently updated to provide removal of even latest rogues.
In the following you can see some screenshots of Remove Fake Antivirus. Do note that my system was clean and so I am not able to give you screenshot of its detection.

I hope you will find this product useful some day.

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