Dr.Web 11 offers enhanced protective technologies

Russian security software vendor Dr.Web has made a strong return to global market with the release of version 11 of its applications for Windows on October 20, 2015. Dr.Web 11 involves a major technical overhaul, to extend its arsenal of protective technologies for providing enhanced protection against zero-day exploits and other deceptive techniques that criminals use today and will use in the future. The new version is also being offered at attractive pricing and with exciting freebies!

About Dr.Web

Dr.Web, popular for its useful free malware clean-up tool CureIt!, have been developing security products since 1992. Being a key player on the Russian market, Dr.Web security products are always known for good malware clean-up, self-protection, and malware detection capabilities. In today’s antimalware industry only a reckonable number of vendors use their own technologies to detect and cure malware, and Dr.Web is one of them. However, in the last few years Dr.Web products went somewhat behind the scenes, mainly because their products lacked all the bells and whistles that modern security softwares provide, and partly because of the their high price. With the release of Dr.Web 11, we can thus expect an increased attention towards Dr.Web security products.


Dr.Web products for Windows

Dr.Web offers two products for the home users: Dr.Web Security Space and Dr.Web Anti-virus. Both these products run on 32 & 64 bit Windows XP SP2 and higher versions, requires minimum 512 Mb RAM and 1 Gb of free disk space. Dr.Web Anti-virus includes the basic components such as Anti-virus and Firewall, whereas Dr.Web Security Space additionally offers Anti-virus network component, Anti-spam, HTTP monitor, Parental control modules, and also Services such as Dr.Web Cloud, Data loss prevention (backup) and Block access to removable devices. Free trial is available for 1 months without registration, and 3 months after registration.

Components and new features of Dr.Web 11

Dr.Web 11 does not offer any dedicated interface for the software. Rather one can open and manage the various components using the Tray icon of the software.

Dr.Web Scanner offers thorough scanning of RAM, boot sectors, hard drives and removable data-storage devices, for viruses, Trojans and other malware. In the version 11, Dr.Web Scanning Engine has been enhanced for better scanning speed. The scanner uses Dr.Web Shield™ anti-rootkit to detect complex viruses that use rootkit technologies and are able to conceal themselves in an infected system.
The SpIDer Guard® file monitor of Dr.Web 11 monitors system health in real time and intercepts “on the fly” all calls to files located on local drives, floppy discs, CD/DVD/ Blue-ray disks, flash drives, or smart cards, and it does that with optimized usage of system resources.
Dr.Web SelfPROtect component makes SpIDer Guard® file monitor highly resistant to attempts by malicious programs to disrupt or halt its operation. It uses a lowest system level driver and thus cannot be stopped or unloaded until a system is rebooted.

The preventive protection component of Dr.Web 11 Antivirus is based on an analysis of the behavior of malicious, suspicious or untrusted scripts and processes, and thus complements the traditional signature-based scanning and plays an essential part in neutralizing brand new malware. Preventive protection makes use of the upgraded Dr.Web Process Heuristics, as well as the new Dr.Web ShellGuard and Dr.Web HyperVisor component. Dr.Web ShellGuard, introduced in version 11, blocks routes into the system so that programs that exploit vulnerabilities can’t get in. It protects all popular web browsers, MS Office applications, System Applications, Applications that use java, flash and pdf, and Media players. Dr.Web Hypervisor component, on the other hand, uses state-of-the art CPU capabilities to upgrade threat detection and neutralization routines and to strengthen Dr.Web’s self-protection capabilities.

Dr.Web Firewall offers protection against unauthorized access by a network; prevention of data leaks; blocking of suspicious connections on package and application layers.

The SpIDer Gate HTTP monitor scans incoming and outgoing HTTP traffic in real time, intercepts all HTTP connections, filters out data, blocks infected web pages in any browser, scans files in archives, and protects users from phishing sites and other dangerous web resources. With the modernized Dr.Web Net filtering Service traffic interception routines, downloading files from the Internet has become much faster. The new exception settings also has the ability to made scanning faster by preventing conflicts between Dr.Web 11 and third-party applications during traffic filtering.

The SpIDer Mail anti-virus offers real-time anti-virus and anti-spam scanning of e-mails over SMTP/POP3/NNTP/IMAP4, and can also scan encrypted SSL connections (SMTPS/POP3S/IMAP4S). It scans mail before e-mails are received by a mail client and prevents malware that is mainly distributed by spam from exploiting software vulnerabilities.
The anti-spam module does not require configuration and uses different filtering technologies to detect spam, phishing, pharming, scamming, and bounce messages. It’s anti-botnet feature ensures that your computer will not be disconnected from the Internet for sending spam.

Dr.Web Parental Control ensures entire family Control over Internet surfing and block access to dubious sites by scanning traffic on all ports. In version 11, new options has been included to specify the amount of time an user can spend on the computer, automatically block access to a PC at night, create Time-limit profiles, configure access in many ways with access mode parameter.

The Anti-virus Network component enables Dr.Web 11 software installed on computers in the local network to be administered and configured locally.

Dr.Web Cloud offers Faster URL check to determine whether an website is safe to visit, and thus is a companion service of Parental Control and SpIDer Gate HTTP monitor.
Dr.Web Security Space can restrict access to devices such as disk drives, DVD-/CD-ROM drives, keyboard, mouse, network adapters, audio and video cards, gaming devices, USB devices, and COM/LPT ports, to cover all possible intrusion paths. However, one can make White lists of trusted devices. In version 11, new options have been added for device whitelists for more flexible access to devices.
Dr.Web “protection from data loss” feature lets you back up you files regularly, keeping them safe from becoming corrupted by encryption malware. You can restore the data anytime on your own. The brand new back-up routines in version 11 makes sure that data backups don’t interfere with the user experience in the system. It also now uses system resources sparingly to create backups of any size!

Dr.Web 11 Pricing and freebies

Unlike its previous versions, Dr.Web 11 is now available in attractive pricing! Price of Dr.Web Anti-Virus starts from 26 Euro for 1 user – 1 year license, whereas similar license for Security Space costs 28 Euro. One can buy license for up to 3 years and 5 users. All these Dr.Web products comes with technical support. However, if one does not need technical support, he can purchase these products at 50% reduced price!
Interestingly Dr.Web is providing free license of Dr.Web mobile Security per user. This means, if you purchase a 3 users license, you can install Mobile Security free in 3 Mobile devices.
Please note that, you can use the purchased license in Windows, Mac and Linux PCs.

Buy Dr.Web Anti-Virus with Technical Support
Buy Dr.Web Anti-Virus without Technical Support
Buy Dr.Web Security Space with Technical Support
Buy Dr.Web Security Space without Technical Support

You can also renew your existing license at very low prices.

Renew Dr.Web Anti-Virus
Renew Dr.Web Security Space

If you purchase Dr.Web 11 products from the above links, you can get additional 60% discount using the code Sale60 till April 7th, 2017. Else get additional 45% discount using the code web45 till October 17th, 2017.

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