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We are in an exciting age of photography with high quality cameras and excellent digital processing technology. However, old pictures still have their own classy essence. Personally, whenever I look into the old family albums, I still get thrilled. The advent of digital photographic algorithm has make it possible to give new picture an older look. Earlier this type of processing was possible only in the highly expensive Photoshop software, but with Exeone Vintager you can do the same thing at no cost. It is a “fun, creative and easy-to-use software that provides you with a set of tools that give your photos retro or vintage style through a number of special effects.” The software works fine, but some aspects of it need some work. I will cover all of those.

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Exeone Vintager Review

The present version of the software is available as a 15 Mb unsigned executable, that allows installation in German, English and Chinese languages. Installation is smooth and clean and the installed software requires 22.7 Mb of free disk space.
The usage of the software is pretty basic, and so even a beginner should be able to work with it. Nevertheless, there is a detailed offline help file available with the software. Just click on the ‘Help’ button at the bottom left.
You have to browse for the images using the button on top left of the GUI that has a folder icon on it. The software lets you select multiple photos at once. The software remembers the last opened directory. You can access the opened images one by one by clicking on the ‘Next’/’Previous’ buttons at the bottom of the GUI. The software supports 38 types of input image formats.

Exeone Vintager offers 16 preset vintage effects to choose from – Lotus, Blossom, Coconut, Flow, Billie, Candela, Spring, Rainbow, Malaga, Sand, Noir, Sunset, Fella, Rose, Mint, Pine. You can apply any of the effects by just clicking on that option. The preview window will show you the change. However, there is no ‘Reset’/’None’ option to go back to the original image without filters.

The software also lets you apply Depth of field and Frames to your image. Four types of Depth of field (Circled Lighter, Circled Darker, Squared Lighter, Squared Darker) and 7 types of Frames are available. Each vintage effect also has an associated predefined Frame, but for that you have to click on the ‘Use predefined frames’ checkbox. There is ‘None’ option available for both Depth of field and Frame type.
The software also lets you Crop, Rotate, Flip and Resize the images. You can even adjust Brightness and Contrast. ‘Reset’ option is available in each case. It is possible to Resize image by keeping or altering aspect ratio, with the help of a button between Width & Height. The upper limit of Width and Height is determined by the size of the preview window.
After you have finished making all the changes, click on the ‘Apply’ button. The software will display a confirmation window and after that the output file will be saved in the same folder as the source file, in JPG format. If the source file is also in JPG format e.g. filename.JPG, then the edited file will the named as filename (Copy 1).JPG. You can also opt for overwriting the source file by clicking on the ‘Overwrite old files’ checkbox. Overwriting is only possible if the source file is in JPG format.


The software works fine and I recommend it. I don’t want the software to become clumsy with more features. But improvements, essentially in the software GUI are needed in some aspects.
1. The GUI has no minimize button. It is essential.
2. The software should ask for the destination folder and format.
3. The should be an option go back to the original image after checking the vintage effects. A ‘Reset’ button or ‘None’ option will work.
4. It will be great if two preview windows are available for comparing two effects side by side.

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