WhatIsMyIP from SpiderIP – Monitors the Public IP Address changes

Every device connected to a network which uses the Internet Protocol has an unique IP address assigned to it. The External IP or Public IP is the IP address of the device as it seems from the outside. It is easy to know the External IP of a device by simply search Google for “ip”. But it is always handy to have a tiny tool to do the job. WhatIsMyIP from SpiderIP is such a small Windows application. It is a simple application written in C# that requires Microsoft .Net Framework 4.0 to run successfully.

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Features of WhatIsMyIP from SpiderIP and its Recommendation

  • WhatIsMyIP from SpiderIP is a portable, Ad-free Windows software. It runs as a standalone executable and so no installation is required.
  • It displays Public IP address with Hostname and Proxy and also shows Local IP Address, Hostname and MAC Address.
  • An ‘Export’ button is available to save all the information in a txt file in the folder containing the executable.
  • WhatIsMyIP from SpiderIP minimizes or closes to system tray and continue running in the background. You can navigate the software by Right Click or Double Click. If you need to exit click ‘Exit’ button.
  • While it is minimized to tray, the software automatically refreshes and alerts if IP change or No internet access by showing a Balloon style hint.
  • Default refresh interval is 1 minute but you can increase the interval using ‘Settings’ button.
  • All such information IP change and internet connectivity logs remain stored and can be accessed from ‘History’.

So, WhatIsMyIP from SpiderIP is valuable to keep track of your internet connectivity issues, diagnose your VPN software and also monitor the IP changes in a dynamic IP addressing.

Important Notes

  • WhatIsMyIP from SpiderIP will access the following URLs for getting your External IP Address.
    For working you must have access to the following URLs from your machine and make sure your Firewall does not block this application from connecting to the internet. These three URLs are located in three different locations. After opening the application it will try to access the first URL; if not accessible or not reachable it will try the other URLs. The default timeout is 10 second for each URL. If none of the three URLs can be accessed, the application will assume that there is no internet access and it will alert you.
  • The default Settings and history file is saved on %temp% as MyIpLog.txt, MyipTime.txt.
  • If you want to report any issue or error, need a custom logo and Description on WhatIsMyIP from SpiderIP for Personal or Office Use, you can contact the developer at info[at]spiderip.com.
  • Detailed help can be accessed using the ‘Help’ button.

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