Exeone Archiver 2014 – A feature rich Compression Utility and File Manager: Review and Giveaway

Now-a-days archive file types are in widespread use mainly for file distribution and compression purpose and for that reason many freeware and shareware softwares are available to manage archive files. Windows has an in-built archive manager that deals with only zip files. Exeone Archiver 2014 is a relatively less known software to manage archive file types.
Exeone Archiver 2014

Why Exeone Archiver 2014 is a preferred solution?

There are multiple reasons for choosing Exeone Archiver 2014 over any other archive managers. This software has many features not found in similar products. Apart from being able to open, create and manage archive files, it is also a light file manager and so can do multiple useful operations with any files on Windows PC and one can use it in place of he Windows Explorer. It has an intuitive user interface that makes it easy-to-use.
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Exeone Archiver 2014 features

    • In its present version 2014., the software is available in 9.5 Mb installer which is not digitally signed.
    • The installation can be done in 12 languages and it requires 31.9 Mb of free disk space.
    • Installation is smooth and crapware free.
    • On first launch the software shows a welcome screen which can be turned off later. The software also shows useful tips occasionally.
    • It is possible to run multiple instances of the software although tabbed browsing is available.
    • You can set the software to move to system tray when closed.

Features of an archive manager

      • The software can extract 38 types of compressed files: ZIP, 7z, CAB, LHA, TAR, GZip, BZip2, WIM, TarGZ, TarBZ, XZ, BH, JAR, RAR, ARJ, ACE, ARC, CHM, CPIO, CramFS, DEB, DMG, FAT, HFS, ISO, LZH, LZMA, MBR, MSI, NSIS, NTFS, RPM, SquashFS, UDF, VHD, XAR, Z and ZOO.
      • It can compress files and folders into 13 compressed file types, including ZIP, 7z, TAR, BH, Bzip2, CAB, GZip, JAR, LHA, TarBz, TarGz, WIM and XZ.
      • Compression Methods: Deflate, Deflate64, BZip2, LZMA, PPMd.
      • Compression type is chosen among “Store, Fastest, Fast, Normal, Maximum, Ultra” depending on the time needed and the final compressed size.
      • You can create password protected archives with this software. It is also possible to password protect selected files in an archive. Name encrypted archive cannot be created with Exeone Archiver 2014.
      • It is possible to add files into an archive or delete files from an archive.
      • Exeone Archiver 2014 can create self-extracting archives.
      • It is possible to split archives in multiple volumes.
      • On mouse hover over a archive within the file manager, it shows its contents in the tooltip.
      • Although it is possible to operate the software from the context menu or from the software GUI, there is also Archive Wizard three important tasks: Unpack Archive, Create New Archive and Add files to Existing Archive.

Features of a file manager

      • Exeone Archiver 2014 mimics some aspects of Windows Explorer of Windows Visa and above. The address bar shows the address of the opened folder in a way that makes it is easier to jump to any of the parent folders.
      • The software offers tabbed browsing of folders. A new tab opens the contents of last accessed tab.
      • It shows quick preview of a selected file in left panel as thumbnail. It is also possible click on a left arrow at the bottom of the thumbnail to open a larger preview. The quick preview currently works only for images, text and ppt files. The larger preview can be shown by common files like doc, ppt, excel, image, pdf, media files etc. The default applications associated with those file types, open those in the larger preview. The preview can also be seen in a separate window.
      • over the thumbnail box, it shows quick tasks to do with that file, open with, add to zip, info, search in text, edit as text, quick print etc. depending on the file type. For images it shows resize, rotate, convert. For archives, it offers quick tools like: Extract Here, Verify or Convert to EXE.
      • Moreover, it lists quick tasks like, View, Edit, Copy, Move, New Folder, Delete, Duplicate, Rename for all files in the left panel.
      • Right click on any folder/file works just like in default Windows Explorer
      • There is an option to favoritise folders. A folder can be added as a favorite using favorites hotlist menu item.
      • You can see and edit a file attribute, creation and modification date.
      • It is possible to select multiple files according to file types.
      • You can search for files using this software. In the advanced mode, you can choose time range, file size etc. to narrow down the search results.
      • It is possible to search for associated program to open a particular file type.
      • You can split and combine splitted files. The part sizes are preset.
      • 3 types of file deletion allowed: To the recycle bin, completely delete and shred.
      • You can share a file via email directly from the software.
      • You can upload images using Facebook or Flickr.
      • You can configure the FTP client and upload files to FTP directly from the software.

My verdict on Exeone Archiver 2014

This software is very much useful for its numerous features. The features are working correctly and hence the software is recommended. Some aspects can be improved.

      • The software has skinning support but has only the default skin.
      • It should support name encryption of archives.
      • There should be custom sizes allowed for splitting of files.
      • The software adds quite a few context menu items and should better be listed under a context menu folder.

The software requires to install drivers for encryption purpose. In special cases the driver installation may fail in some 64 bit Windows. If that happens, please contact support to manually fix this problem.

Giveaway of Exeone Archiver 2014

Exeone Archiver 2014 costs $24.95 for single license, $79.95 for 5 users license and $195.95 for site license (25 users). But for promotional purpose, you can get one single license of Exeone Archiver 2014 free for a limited time. You can also get heavy discounts on the other softwares of Exeone during this promotion.
Visit This Page for Exclusive promotion of Exeone Archiver 2014 for Insights in Technology readers. Enter your Name, Email Address, City, Country and click on the “Get Free” button. Soon, your serial will be shown in that page. You will also get an email from support[at]exeone.com with your license. This promotion will run for 72 hours.

Giveaway Ended but the Promo Page is active. Get 70% discount on the software today.


      • The license has to be activated before December 1st.
      • The license will offer minor version upgrades.
      • You will get limited support. But an official clarified that they never ask the users how they obtained the software, or even to prove they have it. They always answer all the questions and provide support to anyone that needs it. This is possible through the contact form and the support forum.

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