ColorAid Picks and Highlights the Same color in an Image

An image is made up of different colors like Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red, Block and White and the also some mixed colors like Cyprus, Deep Fir, Shocking, Citrus etc. Most of you know that any color can be made up of mixing Red, Green and Blue in different proportion and hence the name RGB color model. Even the slightly different colors have different RGB vales. Hence, often HSL representation is used to determine the similarity in colors on the basis of hue, saturation, and lightness. Color blinds have decreased ability to see color or perceive color differences and so they are unable to work in any graphic designing projects without the aid of special tools. Not only color blinds, even a normal vision person can also struggle to analyze those complicated colored pie charts. So, there is always a need to have a simple tool for all.

What is ColorAid

ColorAid is a neatly designed Windows software to locate and highlight the same or similar color in an image. It also shows the RGB and HSL vales of the pointed color along with its common name. The similarity of the colors relies on the tolerances of the hue, saturation, and lightness. Hence, you have to move the three sliders labeled hue tolerance, saturation tolerance, and lightness tolerance to adjust ColorAid’s sensitivity.

For example, if you set saturation tolerance to ±50, lightness tolerance to ±25 and hue tolerance to ±30, and you move the mouse over a pixel having hue 10, saturation 20, lightness 250, you will match all the pixels having hue from 339 to 40 (remember: hue values lie on a circle), saturation from 0 to 70, and lightness from 225 to 255 (remember: saturation and lightness are in the range 0-255).

The highlighting of the pointed color is done by flashing with a different color. It is possible to adjust the sliders labeled flashing speed and flashing color to make blinking slower/faster or darker/brighter.
ColorAid Screenshot
You can find a video demo better to understand the functionality of the software. View it in Dailymotion.
Get ColorAid from its Homepage. It is available both as an installer and a portable ZIP version.

Cautionary Warning: The software is in beta testing. You can download and test it but it may contain bugs.

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