MCShield 3 Released with Additional Features and a New GUI

External drives like USB, CD, DVD etc and Network drives are the common path of malware infection in a Windows PC. Such malwares use various types of mechanisms to infect Windows PC, namely by exploiting the autorun feature, using link exploit, adding malware payloads etc. MCShield 3 is a tiny free antimalware that monitors all drives during startup or on connection to search for malwares in those. It does not rely on blacklisting technology, rather uses behavior based and heuristic technology to detect malware threats. It requires internet connection for better detection based on cloud technology and for periodic updates on new detection strategy, whitelisting etc. I had reviewed MCShield 2 in a previous blog post. Today, MCShield releases version 3 of the software with some new features and a fresh and attractive user interface.
Product Homepage
MCShield 3 Boxshot

Official Change Log of v3.0.3.26 of MCShield 3

– completely redesigned user interface with additional features;
– new tab in Control Center: “Status” used to
– – view & change main functions;
– – view system information & main settings;
– new tab in Control Center: “Logs” for easy logfile access and manipulation;
– new tab in Control Center: “MCS Cloud” providing stats and latest news;
– new option “Add Scan with MCShield to drives’ menu” in Control Center > General:
– – possibility to start on demand scans via right click menu;
– new option “Visual style” in Control Center > General:
– – possibility to select one of four visual styles;
– new option “Don’t scan autorun.inf” in Control Center > Scanner:
– – possibility to completely disable AntiAutorun (processing of autorun files);
– additional heuristics (AntiRep4) for another family of replicating worms (CryptoLocker and similar);
– additional heuristics (AntiScript) for all types of vbscript based worms:
– – on the fly decryption, code format & contents analysis;
– – support for extremely large malicious files;
– improved detection (FME) of worms mimicking legitimate files;
– improved detection (AntiRep3) of several replicating worms;
– added Simplified Chinese language (thanks to translator Anan);
– added Swedish language;
– updated all languages for v3 (except Brasilian Portuguese);
– fixed an issue that caused the MD5 not to be shown for suspicious files in interactive mode;
– improved program initialization time by removing obsolete on-start routines;
– digitally signed all executable components:
– – improving compatibility and ease of use alongside other security software;
– – giving users the possibility to verify the origin and authenticity of the software;
– various other improvements (code stability, graphics, program logic…).

Few Screenshots of MCShield 3

Main GUI of MCShield 3
General Settings of MCShield 3
Scanner Settings of MCShield 3

My Verdict on MCShield 3

I have used MCShield for almost two years and is totally impressed with its capabilities. It works superbly along with any resident antimalware and often is more effective in its particular department. Unlike common antimalwares, that only deletes the malware present in the external drives, MCShield 3 is able to fix the drive that is malware infected; it can remove malware folders, unhide files, fix autorun file etc. I have installed it in all my friends and family members PC, be it online or offline. The new version looks very nice and it has got skin support too. I wish it will continue to provide such excellent protection for many years to come. I highly recommend this freeware.

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