Wondershare Data Recovery – A Review

Today we are nothing without our digital life. Most details of our job, social and family life, personal details are cataloged in our PC. So, it will be a disaster if PC gets corrupt and deletes all files in it or if you accidentally format a drive containing all the important documents. Such accidents are not uncommon but don’t worry because there are ways to solve such problems. Deletion of data from Windows in usual way (Shift+Del) is often reversible. Deletion in such a way removes the bulk of your data but keeps the meta information that can be used to restore deleted data. Data recovery software exists for this essential reason. Wondershare Data Recovery is a program of this kind that eases the process of recovering deleted files and data with powerful algorithm and user friendly design. Its Wizard based instructions allow you to recover files in just three simple steps, by answering only two questions: Types of files & Drive/Folders to Scan. You can also use Standard mode to recover files. You can choose to scan in deep mode or normal mode.

Wondershare Data Recovery Box

Wondershare Data Recovery is powered with a well designed interface. It is able to recover data lost in all of the following type of cases:

  • You have deleted some files accidentally.
  • You have unintentionally formatted a drive containing important files.
  • The partition containing the data is corrupted.
  • The file system containing the data is corrupted.

This software can not only recover deleted files from hard disks, but also from SBs, external hard drives, mobile phones, digital cameras, iPod, MP3/MP4 players and more.
To ensure that your Data Recovery software works best, make sure that,

  1. You haven’t formatted the partition using a different file system than the old one.
  2. You haven’t written anything in the partition containing the lost file.
  3. You have to save the recovered files in a different partition other than the one you are scanning to recover files.
  4. You haven’t run the software from the same partition which you are going to scan.

If you understand the above things, run Wondershare Data Recovery to recover your files. It is able to recover files of almost any file types. You will always be able to see a preview of the recoverable files found after scanning the partition. Preview will work on common file types such as BMP, GIF, PNG, JPEG, JPG, TIF, DOC, DOCX, HTM, PDF, PPT, PPTX, RAR, XLS, XLSX, ZIP etc. Preview helps you to decide whether found file is indeed the one you want to recover or not. You can also filter your search result by file name, size and date to make the process a faster one. The software allows you to save and import the previous scan results to resume recovery without rescanning next time.

Wondershare Data Recovery Features

  • Supports recovery of all common file types.
  • You can recover accidentally deleted files, or files formatted or corrupted from partitions of any file system.
  • Installation is fast and clean, and the program is multilingual.
  • The program has a very much user friendly interface
  • You can recover files using the default Wizard Mode or optional Standard Mode. You will get more customization and power with the second option.
  • In Wizard mode, you will be asked two questions before the scan will start: Types of files to recover and location to scan for.
  • Scanning is slow in comparison with contemporary software but the program performs a very much thorough scanning on your device.
  • In the scan result, you can see the recoverable files via file types and via file path (as directory tree).
  • It also displays the health of the recoverable files. Here also I think the health is wrongly stated because even the bad files were recovered in perfect condition.

Purchase Wondershare Data Recovery with Discount

Wondershare Data Recovery costs $29.95 for 1 year license and $39.95 for lifetime license after $10 discount in both cases. You can get additional 20% discount by using coupon code DEALUXE.

Wondershare Data Recovery Screenshots

Types of Files to Recover

Types of Files to Recover

Location to Recover

Location to Recover

Recovered Files - File Types

Recovered Files – File Types

Recovered Files - File Path

Recovered Files – File Path

My Verdict

Apart from the scan speed and file health display, the software seemed quite effective in finding and recovering deleted files. I can recommend the software.

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