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Sharing is caring. I love apps that assists the process of sharing. Hostr is a service offered by Mike Anchor that makes the process of sharing files even more easier. It supports any kind of file with anyone you want, images, music, video or anything else. Uploading a hosting of files will be served via SSL secured connection. Sign Up to the service by using your email address and a password. Start uploading files via online GUI or via desktop uploader. It prohibits uploading of copyrighted items, pornography, malwares, password protected archives, split archives, hotlinking images. There is free version as well as pro version of Hostr. Pro version can be purchased for 3 months ($18), 6 months ($30) and 12 months duration ($60).

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Hostr Free Version

Hostr Pro Version

You can upload files up to a size of 20MB. You can upload files up to a size of 500MB.
You can upload 15 files per day. You can upload unlimited files per day.
It will delete files people are no longer accessing. Your files stay around as long as you do.
It may place ads on the download pages of Free users. Download pages of Pro users will be Ad-free.
Free users will be the last to access new features. Pro users can get sneak peeks at new features before its launch.

Features of Hostr

  • Easy signup process. Just provide a valid email address and a password. You will have to activate the subscription using that email address.
  • You can upload any kind of file with anyone you want, images, music, video etc.
  • Just drag and drop files in your account page opened in your web browser. You can use add files by browsing for it.
  • You can also use the desktop uploader. It adds an entry to “send to” menu. Drag & drop is also supported on this desktop app. The app is available for Windows and Mac.
  • From desktop app, you can copy the sharing url of a particular file. From your account, you can copy sharing link and also can share that link to Twitter, Facebook or Google+.
  • Desktop app supports uploading of folders. In the uploaded form, the contents will be transformed into a zip archive.
  • Deleting files from your account, will move the files to the trash.
  • You will be able to view image previews in your account as well as in the desktop app.
  • You can take a screenshot of full desktop, a selected portion or a Windows grab using the desktop app and upload it automatically to your account.

Screenshots of Hostr

Drop & Upload - Hostr

Drop & Upload in Web GUI

Web GUI - Hostr


Uploading - Hostr

Uploading In Desktop App

Uploaded files - Hostr

Uploaded files in Desktop App

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