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In our busy schedules smartphones and similar mobile devices are the closest companions. It assists in doing the essential things like making a call, playing games, browsing the web, checking mail and last but not the least watching videos and listening to songs. Not all videos are playable in mobile devices and so its essential to convert DVDs and other videos to compatible format. Engelmann Mobile Video 2 can convert DVD chapters and common video files for Sony PSP, Microsoft Zune, Apple iPod touch & iPhone, portable multimedia players of various providers, navigation devices and Android-based mobile & smart phones.

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Product Homepage
The software is a shareware. You can download a trial version from the following link.
Download Trial
Default unregistered trial is for 3 days. You can extend it for 7 more days by registering the software in the following page: Extend Trial.

Purchase Engelmann Mobile Video 2

Engelmann Mobile Video 2 costs 24.99 USD.
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You can get 80% discount on the software. Visit this page for more details.

System Requirements on Engelmann Mobile Video 2

  1. Windows XP and later Windows version.
  2. .Net Framework 3. If not installed, the software install it automatically.
  3. 256 Mb RAM for Windows XP and 1 Gb RAM for Windows Vista onwards.
  4. CPU with min 1 GHz cloak speed.
  5. An MP3 codec should be installed on the system. MP3 Codecs from Windows Media Player 10/11/12 as well as lame_enc.dll are supported.
  6. graphic card with overlay-functions for displaying preview.

Features of Engelmann Mobile Video 2

  • 23.9 Mb installer of Mobile Video 2 has .Net Framework 3 within it. The installer is signed by Engelmann Media GmbH.
  • Installation is fast and clean. Installs .Net Framework 3 automatically if not present in the system.
  • Software is launched at installation finish. Desktop and Quick Launch shortcuts will be created during installation.
  • The software interface is basic and user friendly.
  • You can choose DVD, DVD Folder or common video files as the input.
  • It supports a number of input file types: AVI, ASF, FLV, DIVX, WMV (Windows Media Video), MKV (Matroska), MOV (Apple QuickTime Video), MPG, MPEG, TS (transport streams, e.g. of TV-recordings), MP4, 3GP (video standard used for mobile phones), 3G2 (video standard used for mobile phones), RM (RealMedia).
  • At present the application includes output formats for the following devices: Android G1, Apple iPhone, iPod touch and iPod nano, Archos AV, DVR and GMINI, BlackBerry Storm, 3GP- and MP4-compatible mobile / Smartphones, Centrix MVP-100 and MVP-120, Cliod CP, MX and PMP, Cowon A3, D2 and Q5, Creative Zen Vision, Epson P2000 and 4000, GPX2, iAudio X5, iRiver H320, H340, PMP 120 und PMP 140, LG T80, Microsoft ZUNE, Mpio FY1000, Nintendo DS, Game Boy Advanced, Palm Tungsten and Treo, Philips SA 60xx, SA 51xx and GoGear SA52xx, Sony PSP, Walkman NW and Walkman NWZ, Targa H2010, TomTom One and GO as well as Windows Mobile.
  • Output quality can be set to Good, Medium and Low. You can even fine tune the output setting in Advanced Output Settings.
  • Simultaneous conversion is supported. But all will be converted to a single selected output type.
  • You will be able to cut desired portion of the seleted video.
  • You can set the PC to shutdown once conversion is finished.
  • Target folder is preset but can be changed to user defined location.
  • Fast conversion speed but resource hungry.
  • Installation as well as the Software GUI is available in Japanese, English and German languages.
  • Software is available in five colors/skins: blue, green, pink, gray and orange. Three among these can be set during installation: Tropical Skin (orange), Arctic Skin (blue) and Medium Skin (green).
  • Software shows splash screen during its launch. It can be disabled from settings.
  • You can manually check for software updates. For auto update check, you have to enable that feature in settings.
  • Detailed offline help documentation is available.

Screenshots of Engelmann Mobile Video 2

Main GUI - Engelmann Mobile Video 2

Main GUI

Cut Video

Cut Video

Advanced Output Settings

Advanced Output Settings



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