System Mechanic Discount and Giveaway on Clean Out Your Computer Day

Like any living system, Windows computer gets old and its performance goes down. But often the performance hit is done by lack of optimization, lots of junk files, invalid registry entries, fragmented hard disk and registry etc. In my previous reviews on System Mechanic Free and System Mechanic Standard, I have pointed out how the extensive set of tools offered by system mechanic helps to enhance Windows PC performance. Today is Clean Out Your Computer Day. Its a day to clean up clutter of your system and boost it up. Iolo is celebrating the annual Clean Out Your Computer Day today with an exclusive discount and have partnered with Insights in Technology to arrange a Giveaway promotion.

System Mechanic Discount and Giveaway on Clean Out Your Computer Day

Originally sponsored by the Institute for Business Technology and in existence since at least 2000, Clean Out Your Computer Day was conceived as an opportunity to remember to clean up PCs, get rid of old and unused files, and maintain computer systems at maximum performance and efficiency….
“Whether using computers at home or in a work environment, everyone has at some point experienced frustration with slow PCs,” said JJ Schoch, VP of marketing, iolo technologies. “It can be a challenge to remember to routinely clean out your computer – that’s why we feel having a day dedicated to maintaining your computer is so important. More importantly, an easy-to-use and fully automated software solution like System Mechanic does all of the work for you, not just one day out of the year, but every day.”

System Mechanic Discount

You may visit THIS PAGE to learn more about Iolo’s campaign and to get a 50% discount on the purchase of the standard version. Hurry because the offer may end soon.
You can always visit THIS LINK to get 50% discount.

System Mechanic Giveaway

Jack Follman from Iolo have arranged 3 one year licenses of System Mechanic Standard to celebrate Clean Out Your Computer Day with the readers of Insights in Technology.
Sounds interesting? Just leave a comment saying a few relevant words and I will enter your name in the contestant list.
This giveaway will be expired in the midnight of 14th Feb, 2013. I will announce the winners at a later date. Winners will be chosen randomly from the contestants list.
I love honest people. So, don’t use tricks to add multiple entry. I am smart enough to find you out.!!
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29 thoughts on “System Mechanic Discount and Giveaway on Clean Out Your Computer Day

  1. Hi Sujay,
    i never worked with SM, but i know that is one of the best PC Tune Up applications.

  2. I really like this program.İt is very good at optimizing and tuning the PC’s.Some programs harm your PC while doing optimization or cleaning but İOLO SYSTEM MECHANİC does what it says.Thanks for this giveaway my brother.

  3. I love this program, it works fast and has yet to cause me any problems. I put one on my Dad’s machine and one on my wife’s machine. Hers is about to run out so it would be nice not to have to purchase it again.

    Whether I win or not I will be getting another for her machine soon and my Dad’s in about 6 months.

    Thanks for creating the program and for giving folks a chance to get one free:)


  4. excellent giveaway, i`ve heard so much about this software and i`d like to try it so please count me in. many thanks.

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