PCWinSoft 1AVCapture – Discount & Unlimited Licenses Giveaway

PCWinSoft 1AVCapture is an excellent tool with which you can capture or record anything on your computer screen or speaker. It is a toolkit comprising of audio capture, video capture and screen capture features. Now, you will record online movies, radios, power points and can even prepare video demos easily. The software has a decent interface with enough options to make it user friendly but customizable. It costs 59.95 USD but can be purchased with exciting discounts. Moreover you can get this software Free on Break-Up Day special Giveaway on Insights in Technology.

PCWinSoft 1AVCapture Boxshot

Specifications of PCWinSoft 1AVCapture

  • PCWinSoft 1AVCapture can be downloaded as a 4.5 Mb installer digitally signed with PCWinSoft Systems Informatica Ltda from the DIRECT LINK.
  • Fast and clean installation.
  • The software can run under following system requirements.
    1. Intel 1.3GHz
    2. 120MB HD
    3. 256MB RAM
    4. Windows 2000/XP/2003/Media Center/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
    5. Minimum screen resolution of 800×600

Screenshots of PCWinSoft 1AVCapture

PCWinSoft 1AVCapture Screenshot 1
PCWinSoft 1AVCapture Screenshot 2

Purchase of PCWinSoft 1AVCapture

PCWinSoft 1AVCapture costs 19.95 USD and can be purchased using THIS LINK.

70% Discount

Coupon Code: GCPGPC
Discounted Purchase Link

80% Discount

Coupon Code: GCPHPC
Discounted Purchase Link

90% Discount

Coupon Code: GC9TPC
Discounted Purchase Link

PCWinSoft 1AVCapture Giveaway

Thanks to Alessandro Ferri from PCWinSoft, I can giveaway unlimited licenses of PCWinSoft 1AVCapture.

Sounds interesting? Just use the following link to register a license of PCWinSoft 1AVCapture. Please note that you will have to use a valid Email Address to get the license, where you will get further instructions for activating the software.

CLICK HERE to go to the Registration Page
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5 thoughts on “PCWinSoft 1AVCapture – Discount & Unlimited Licenses Giveaway

  1. Hi Sujay,

    I thank you and Alessandro Ferri for the opportunity to try this program.

    I did have several problems with the down load with Froistware twice while trying to download the program. I had to un-install once and reload when I did that I had a different Froistware problem. I wish I had screen shot them for you. I just hope the program is all it claims to be for the hour it took me to finally get it to behave itself.

    Thanks for all you do for your readers.
    Gib Slap

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