Solid Renamer: An Easy, Light, Fast Filename Changing Software

File names are important for organization and recognition. Also file extensions which are part of the filename are important for its proper association with applications and functioning. So, for computer filenames the phrase what’s in a name is not valid ;-). While its easy to rename a file using default ways, it is troublesome if you want to rename a large collection of files using same method. So, softwares like Solid Renamer comes handy to save your valuable time and labor.

Solid Renamer is a small and flexible file renaming tool, which offers all the standard renaming procedures, including prefixes, suffixes, clipping, insertions, replacements, enumerations and case changes. It allows you to combine multiple renaming actions (rules) as a set, applying each action in a logical sequence.

Download Solid Renamer

Solid Renamer can be downloaded from the following link. (32 bit : 3.5 Mb) (64 bit : 4.1 Mb)

Solid Renamer Features

      • Solid Renamer has been designed to be portable, which means it can be installed and used on an USB-Stick.
      • System Requirements:
        1. Windows XP/2003, Windows Vista/2008, Windows 7, Windows 8
        2. Minimum screen resolution of 1024×768
        3. 8 MB of hard disk space
      • Installation needs administrative rights.
      • 11 Languages are available for installation.
      • Installation requires 10.8 Mb disk space on 64 bit OS.
      • Installation is fast and clean.
      • Desktop icon is created automatically.
      • Donations page is opened after installation finish.
      • Software can be launched via Desktop shortcut.
      • Solid Renamer GUI is in two languages English and German.

Solid Renamer All Features

    • Solid Renamer can check updates both manually and automatically. So, the software will try to connect to the internet.
    • Solid Renamer will show a splash screen that can be removed.
    • Software can be set to start at Windows Logon, minimize at start.
    • It can be set to minimize to tray.
    • Solid Renamer can be set to have restored Window layout and geometry.
    • Rules to change filename is easy to set. You can also set multiple rules.
    • You can preview the way the renamed file will look.
    • You can see the full path of the renamed files.
    • Solid Renamer offers batch processing. Files can be added by drag & drop or via explorer view.

Solid Renamer GUI

  • The application is light on resources at idle time.
  • The processing is fast and requires moderate system resources.
  • You will get a finish message with the log display. There is also a application log feature.

My Verdict on Solid Renamer

I have just used Solid Renamer to rename 735 files extension in a batch and it completed within seconds without any errors. The software is easiest than any other renamer software I used. A suggestion about this software is an option to backup original files or an option to move renamed files in another folder other than replacing the original.

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