PowerISO 5: Manage Disk Image Files – Review

PowerISO 5 is an all-in-on Disk Image Toolkit that can open variety of disk image files, change its attribute, extract, compress, convert to other formats. It can even rip audio CD, erase, copy CD/DVD/BD drives. It can make Floppy/USB disk image files and also writ image files on Floppy/USB drives. It is possible to add/delete or edit boot information in disk image files with PowerISO 5. Most interestingly, PowerISO 5 can also possible to create audio, video, data CD/DVD images. It can create image of harddisk, floppy etc. All these can be burned later in a CD/DVD/Floppy. PowerISO 5 can also be used as a Virtual Drive manager. It can manage 23 virtual drives. PowerISO 5 has a clean interface with all the features neatly organized. Lifetime license of PowerISO 5 costs 29.95 USD.

PowerISO 5 Boxshot

PowerISO 5 Features & Specification

Download & Installation

PowerISO 5 can be downloaded from its homepage using this link. Its a 6.9 Mb installer, digitally signed by Power Software Ltd.
Installation of PowerISO 5 requires administrative rights. Installation is fast and requires 10.9 Mb of free disk space. Desktop icon is created automatically.
During installation, you need to remain careful to avoid the unnecessary installation of AVG Security Toolbar. Use the recommended settings during installation.
After installation, an website will open showing you the main features of PowerISO in gist.

System Requirements

  • Windows 98 / Window Me / Windows 2000 / Windows XP / Windows 2003 / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 operating system or above.
  • Intel Pentium 166MHz or above.
  • 64 Mb memory.
  • At least 10 Mb hard disk space.

Feature Details

Create a New Disk Image

Most of the time, we create Data Disk, Audio CD, VCD, Super VCD etc directly on CD/DVD. With PowerISO 5 it is possible to create disk image of the following types: Data CD/DVD Image, UDF DVD Image, Audio CD Image, Mixed Mode CD Image, Video CD Image, Super Video CD Image, Floppy Disk Image, Hard Disk Image. You will just need to add appropriate files and save it as ISO, BIN or DAA image whichever is appropriate. You can keep those image files or burn them later to CD/DVD

Create Audio CD Image

Manage Disk Image Files

      • PowerISO 5 can show disk image properties.
      • It is able to change its attribute like change its File Time, File priority etc.
      • PowerISO 5 can add/delete files in a disk image file.
      • PowerISO 5 can add, delete or edit boot information in an image file.
      • It can extract contents of a disk image files to any directory of your local drive.
      • PowerISO 5 can compress other image formats as Direct Access Archive (DAA) archives.

Compress Disk Image Files

      • You can convert other image file formats to ISO, BIN/CUE or DAA file with PowerISO 5

Manage CD/DVD/BD drives

          • PowerISO 5 can erase CD/DVD/BD disks.
          • It can copy CD/DVD/BD disk to another disk.
          • You can burn image files on CD/DVD/BD disk with PowerISO 5.

Burn Disk Image File

          • PowerISO 5 can copy CD/DVd/BD disk as ISO, BIN or DAA image.

Rip Audio CD

          • PowerISO 5 allows you to rip Audio CD as MP3, WAV, WMA, APE or FLAC.
          • You can set the compression levels/bitrates of the audio formats.
          • You can even set the output filename format.
          • It is possible to write CD text with PowerISO 5.
          • PowerISO 5 can rip the Audio CD as multiple files or as a single file.

Manage Floppy Disks & USB Drives

              • PowerISO 5 can copy a Floppy Disk as image file.
              • You can write an image file on an empty Floppy Disk
              • PowerISO 5 can copy a USB Drive as image file.
              • It is possible to write a bootable image file on a USB Drive

Create Bootable USB Drive

        • Both the operations on USB drive requires administrative rights.

Additional Feature Details

  • During installation, you will get a choice to associate a number of disk image files (ISO, DAA, BIN, CUE, NRG, IMG, MDF, MDS, ASHDISC, BWI, B5I, GI, CDI, PDI, P01, PXI, NCD, C2D, CIF, LCD, FCD, VCD, DMG, BIF, UIF, ISZ, WIM, IMA, FLP) with PowerISO 5.
  • You can also choose the number of virtual drives. Maximum 23 number of virtual drives are supported. You can set the virtual drives to Autostart or Automount.
  • It is possible to manage PowerISO 5 from context menu.
  • You can set PowerISO 5 to autoupdate. manual update is also possible.
  • Click on “PowerISO Virtual Drive Manager” to open only the component to manage Virtual Drive. For using Virtual Drive manager after installation, you will have to restart your PC once.
  • While creating an DAA file, you can add password protection, set compression level, set it to split to multiple volumes.
  • While burning an image to a CD/DVD/BD disk, you can adjust the burning speed and will be able to verify written data after burning.
  • PowerISO 5 is multilingual. 37 languages are supported.
  • Offline Help manual is available to help you with the software usage.
  • You can set PowerISO 5 to use low priority.
  • You can customize PowerISO 5 interface with skins (6 skins are available) and custom background image.

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