SSuite Office – System Monitor: Shows RAM, CPU, Pagefile Usage, Current IP Address

While testing SSuite Office – Backup Master earlier this day, I found out another tiny piece of software from them. Its SSuite Office – System Monitor; A real time desktop system monitor, that monitors system ram, cpu usage, page file load – {swap file}, and the system power in real time. It also shows internet connection status and displays the current I.P. address. This tiny application is a freeware and is portable. Must be an attractive choice for users of laptops, notebooks and netbooks. I quite like this simple application. If the points mentioned later in the Cons are considered it would be more appealing.

  • Monitors Windows in Real-Time
  • Shows Windows CPU Usage
  • Displays RAM Usage
  • Shows Page File Load
  • Shows the Number of CPU
  • Shows Windows Power Status
  • Displays Internet Connection Status
  • Displays the current IP address of the system
  • Runs on all Windows systems – 32 bit and 64 bit
  • Light on System Resources
  • Extremely Simple App: No Settings
  • Absolutely Freeware
  • No installation is needed: Portable
  • Always stays on Top: problematic if you are doing something that needs more focus.
  • No minimize to tray or taskbar option.
  • No option to start with Windows: Can be made manually by placing a shortcut to Startup directory in the start menu.
The software can be downloaded from any of the following links:
Its a 320 Kb download.
The archive contains the standalone executable SysMon.exe.
Executing SysMon.exe launches the application.
Cheers !!

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