PC HelpSoft Smart System Informer: Shows Detailed System Specs

Performance of a Windows PC depends on various parameters: its hardware specifications, running processes, startup items, installed software etc. So, to troubleshoot any issue, you need to know such details. PC HelpSoft Smart System Informer is a tiny freeware that provides all such information. According to the webpage,
Smart System Informer is a free tool that compiles all the information you need on installed hardware and software. Specific information includes computer ID, processor, BIOS, memory, disks, video, motherboard, monitor, etc. This information shown as number and graphical views – you can easily evaluate your computer’s performance, and save the received data as a text file.

Download, Installation & Features
  • The software can be downloaded from the following direct link,
  • Its a 684 Kb installer, digitally signed by Smart PC Solutions, Inc.
  • Installation went on smoothly with the creation of Desktop icon by default. 1.1 Mb free disk space is needed for the installation.
  • Both installation & software launch requires administrative rights.
  • The software is multilingual: currently 6 languages are supported.
  • After execution of the application the GUI comes in front. The GUI is not resizable and contains tabs with different information.
General Tab
Drives Tab
Memory Tab
Startup list Tab
Installed programs Tab
  • You can also save the report in text & html file.
Portable Version
There is no official portable version of the software but it can be easily created by copying SystemInformer.exe from the installation folder and executing that anytime to launch the application.

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