JetBoost Improves your Work and Gaming Experience

Windows uses many different processes and service to improve the experience and to for serving various needs related to its stability, security etc. We also install third party software to customize our choice and needs. Most if not all such software runs some background service all the time for its stability. Of course, with all such services and processes running Windows resources gets consumed and the free resources may not be sufficient for another resource intensive job like gaming, photoshopping etc. While it is possible to manually scroll to each processes and services and close the unnecessary ones and turn those on after the work is finished, its not the most convenient option. BlueSprig have released a software JetBoost to take care of such needs. According to the developer,

JetBoost ensures top performance from your PC. It releases system resources by shutting down unnecessary background processes and services and prioritizing processes. With three boost modes – game, work and custom – JetBoost configures your PC to best meet the demands of your activities. Game mode provides super gaming experience by automatically detecting and shutting unnecessary processes/services. Similarly, work mode is pre-configured to best meet your requirement for work. And custom mode allows you to create your favorite boosting mode!

You can even turn on those stopped processes after your work is done, with a click of a mouse!!

Download & Installation
  • JetBoost can be downloaded from their official mirror at MajorGeeks or from their webpage.
  • The downloaded installer (jetboost-setup.exe ; 2.89 Mb) digitally signed with BlueSprig, Inc.
  • Installation requires administrative rights and 9.9 Mb of free disk space
  • Installation is fast and clean. Desktop icon is created by default and the software is launched at installation end.
System Requirements
  1. Microsoft Windows 8 (Developer Preview), Windows 7, Vista, XP and 2000. Including both 32-bit and 64-bit versions.
  2. 300 MHz processor or faster processor
  3. 256 MB of RAM
  4. 30 MB of free hard disk space
Features & Specification
  • Launching the software requires administrative rights.
  • You will be greeted with a nice and customizable interface with easy to follow instructions.
  • As already mentioned, JetBoost uses three boost modes – game, work and custom. For Work or Game mode, the application will shut down unnecessary processes such as taskmgr.exe, Speccy.exe, steam.exe, utorrent.exe, bitcomet.exe, googleearth.exe, etc. as well as services such as Help, Task Scheduler, Application Updater and more. Users can always click Hide Details to see all stopped processes, services and other optimized items. Additionally, in Custom mode, users can decide which processes, services and other items listed in JetBoost to close and optimize.
Work Mode
Game Mode
Custom Mode
  • Boosting at a selected mode starts just by clicking on the Start to Boost button. It will then boost and show you the result.
Boosting Complete
  • You can go back to restore the stopped processes and service by just clicking on Restore button.
  • JetBoost sits on system tray after it is launched and can be launched anytime by clicking on it or by using the hotkey combination Ctrl + Alt + B. It can also be launched at system startup.
  • It makes a list of services, Windows and non-Windows that can be safely turned off. You can edit the list o remove and add custom entries.
  • The software is avilable in 17 languages: English, Bulgarian, Catalan, ChineseSimp, ChineseTrad, Estonian, Dutch, German, Japanese, Turkishlified, French, Italian, Hungarian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish. Translation to any other language can be made too.
  • A Portable version can be made via the menu.
  • JetBoost cancheck for software updates automatically or manually, even under proxy with authentication.
  • It uses two processes while the interface is open requiring little system resource.

One Click to Boost
Shuts down all unnecessary processes and services to fit your needs with one single click.
Superb Gaming Experience
Get the maximum capacity out of your PC and focus on gaming only.
Focus on Work
Remove distractions from irrelevant applications when you’re working. All unnecessary processes and services had been shut down.
Customize Boost model
Set up your own boost model by choosing which applications you would like to shut down temporarily.
Clean and Safe<
Free from any malware, spyware, and virus. Checked against various anti-virus programs and proved to be absolutely safe.
100% Free
Download and use the tool completely free.
My Verdict
My experience with the software was pretty good and better than any similar software. It offers seemless customization and safety but still make sure what you are doing. The software is recommended.

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