Create Ringtone Easily with Musetips Free Ringtone Maker

Ringtone shows your personality and choice. I have previously wrote a post on Eusing Free MP3 Cutter that could cut audio files for making a ringtone. Musetips Free Ringtone Maker is a similar solution that comes with a easy interface and usage. The output ringtones are in mp3 format. It is from the same developer as FadeTop.

Features and Specifications

  • The software can be downloaded from the following link [1.05 Mb]
  • The installer is unsigned and has the following hash

SHA256: 8e54672cccda625aca6677ee23ba69ed68b6f6aafc1e937b58b81d2c5d94678f
SHA1: 69be0ff23aead5b8860068687374e4cdc85de7ff
MD5: d8f3ac8e8b6fdc35ff2bae16017fb169

  • Installation starts with the download of InstallMonetizer application, which is unrelated to the functioning of the software and in fact prevents its installation in an offline machine. InstallMonetizer shows recommendation of other software which you can easily skip. If you want to skip installation of products recommended by InstallMonetizer, follow the images in the following links
  • After skipping those unrelated software installation, the main installation of Musetips Free Ringtone Maker went on smooth and fast. Desktop and Quick Launch icons are created by default
  • The software can run on Windows 2000 and higher.
  • The software GUI is carefully written for quick understanding of the product. Although there is an online documentation available in the software homepage, the Wizard like interface is good enough to provide suitable assistance with the usage.
  • The software allow multiple instances and the GUI can’t be resized.
  • In Step 1, you will get an option to choose a song from your hard drive.
  • In Step 2, you will be allowed to select a fragment and play it is needed. It allows to fade in and out for making the ringtone sound perfect.
  • In Step 3, you will be asked to save the ringtone to your hard drive.
  • In Step 4, you will see your ringtone being formed. It takes little longer time to form ringtone than Eusing Free MP3 Cutter. I guess this is for appropriate encoding.
  • Step 5 is the last step and here you will be asked to locate the ringtone in your hard drive for playing it or to create a new ringtone.
  • The software consumes little system resources while at idle but during creation of ringtone, it consumes considerable resources.
System Resource Usage at Idle Time
System Resource Usage during Ringtone Creation
My Verdict
  • I also have informed the developer about the inability of software installation in offline PC. He assured me that he will probably incorporate other sponsor for monetizing his software that don’t require a PC to be online.
  • There is a offline help documentation, but no option to launch that from the GUI.
  • There used to be a portable version of the software but that have been removed from the websit. To manually create a portable version, copy the contents of the installation folder [e.g. C:Program FilesMuseTipsFree Ringtone Maker] except unins000.exe and unins000.dat to any folder and for launching the software execute RingtoneMaker.exe.
Cheers !!

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