Jihosoft ISO Maker Free – Create, Extract and Burn ISO images

Jihosoft ISO Maker Free is an easy-to-use software to back up disks as ISO image, create ISO image from files and folders, extract contents of a ISO file and burn files & folders as data disk. The software is free for personal usage and offers no technical support. For technical support you should get Jihosoft ISO Maker Pro and for commercial usage & technical support you should get Jihosoft ISO Maker Commercial.

Jihosoft ISO Maker Free

Product Homepage

Download Link (2.31 Mb Installer, Digitally Signed by Apex Co. Ltd.)

The software interface is divided into four parts, dedicated to four different tasks.

Byte Backup

It shows you the detected drive list and lets you select the disk or partition that you want to create a backup image file. After your confirmation the program will take sector by sector image of the selected region.

Byte Backup

ISO Extractor

Using this module you can load ISO file and extract its contents to the folder of your choice.

ISO Extractor

ISO Creator

With this tool you can create ISO images from any files and folders including documents, programs, or multimedia files.

ISO Creator

ISO Burner

You will be able to easily burn files, folder, or ISO files to a DVD disc without any difficulties with this tool.

ISO Burner

Pros of Jihosoft ISO Maker Free

  • The software offers fast and clean installation.
  • Software GUI is easy to understand and the usage is very basic.
  • Supports ISO9660 Joliet, ISO9660 and UDF ISO formats.
  • Supports, 700 MB CD Media, 4.7 GB DVD Media, 8.5 GB Dual-Layer DVD, 25 GB Blu-ray DVD.
  • Stores Reports for each operation as HTML file, which can be found listed under Report.
  • Detailed Help can be found online.
  • Fast output generation.
  • Low resource usage.

Cons of Jihosoft ISO Maker Free

  • Not able to set Disk Burning Speed.
  • no progress bar for ISO extraction
  • Better to have support for more image file formats like BIN, NRG etc.

Jihosoft ISO Maker Free indeed is user-friendly and effective. I would recommend the software.

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